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cecile s. yumul
cecile s yumul Why have you forsaken me?

That could very well be the resounding question around the world where despoliation and obliteration of our remaining forest cover is remorselessly taking place.

Still not satisfied, what belongs to the sea has been continuously reclaimed for various purposes.

The desire to acquire everything on sight has pushed greedy men beyond control to haul even fingerlings for trade.

While nature continues to provide even in the direst circumstances, humankind has been acting in a bestial manner then blames everything in sight except himself.

I thirst

Those may as well be Mother Nature's last words, because so many do not heed the lessons from repeated disasters.

From the faucet, mineral, distilled, ionized, reverse osmosis, refill, or yeldan (yelung danum, o soft ice, ing aus da uling epa todung yelu)---all of that passes down our parched throat as water, which is the most satisfying to one's thirst.

Gone are the days when upon entering a restaurant, carenderia, or any eatery the first thing they serve you even without asking is a pitcher of ice-cold water, but which we took for granted until water became a commodity packaged for sale just like soda.

I thirst and it may never be quenched.

The reason being is that we have stopped recognizing that we belong to earth and not the other way around.

What we do to any part of this earth negatively is doomsday we heap upon ourselves.

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

For their ingratitude while they continue to persecute and murder us for coal.

For mining, in the name of their earthly idols in the guise of progress, industry, among many other fronts and false gods.

They continue to ignore the escalation and magnitude of disasters coming upon them, which are of their own making.

Too obvious to deny are my brothers' and sisters' skeletal trunks and branches left wasted in people's haste to run away from the sight of their crimes.

Even as they repeatedly commit the same atrocities from past decades, it seems that for want of material wealth their intelligence has turned a blind eye to history.

In one sweep my brothers: earthquake, typhoon, windstorm, snowstorm, fire and brimstone, tornadoes and tsunami can wipe out everything on land in less than a day when Mother Nature can no longer bear the abuses on her.

For they know not what they do.

When human experts take it upon themselves to decide who must live and who shall pay the price of progress with their lives.

It is finished

The pandemic cycles are upon us. The great floods, destructive earthquakes, drought, and other disasters repeat within the 40 to 50 years period from their last occurrence.

Unless humankind averts the path from devastation caused by insatiable greed to harvest, to blast, to haul, to dig, to siphon, and other wanton ways to consume the remaining natural resources, we are finished.

Only Mother Earth will regenerate without us.

[About the author. A renaissance social worker, a revolutionary teacher, a supporter of artists, a trail-blazing woman of substance, Cecile S. Yumul is an embodiment of the phrase "Carpe diem!" This multi-awarded teacher/broadcast journalist started her broadcasting career over 27 years ago. Her radio/tv show "Bukas Bayan" has been on air since 1999 and is still airing with a multi-sectoral fan base. She is an accomplished cook, a mystic gardener, an actress, and a true environmentalist—a distinction she is indeed proud of.]

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