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cecile s. yumul
cecile s yumul INDU KO, paburen yu naku, ibulus yu naku, eku na agyung pibatan alben ing paniaptan da ring tau karing kalupa kung lelangan mu. Mabaiat na ing kikimkiman kung mua at sakit andat panabakan, panyilaban, at piyugsianan da king anggang dinat ring babie bie at kabiaian karela.

By whatever name we may wish to call him, the wrath of Pedring unleashed was underestimated in its fury and vengeance. We realized no man-made intervention, neither can the power of steel stop Mother Nature's warrior. Man can only watch and wait until his wrath is over. No high-powered military tools, towering billboards, elevated hotels, bridges, concrete roads can resist nature's warrior ranting and howling and vomiting back on men all that they deposited to the bowels of the earth. How true, we reap what we sow.

In the last unaccounted for years, the many provinces of the Philippines had experienced mass murders in broad daylight and in different ways. From mediamen covering Maguindanao, to fishkill in the open sea and milkfish turning up bloated in fish pens, to birds flapping down to their death from the skies, and the towering canopy of acacia trees (among others) chainsawed to death in minutes then left to decay afterwards just like other victims of "salvaging".

"Ustu na, ibalik muna karela ing peniaksak da kanaku. Sulung, Pedring, ena la megtinu niang pesuguan kula ding mikapatad a Ondoy ampo y Pepeng. Ela mekagiu king banayad a datang ning danum ba lang makapibule na ena ustu ing panyaptan da king babie kung dapat sanang saup pangabiaian da. Tipan mu nala.

"Emu ing gabun a dapat tamnanan kabiaian ing pemuput dang penyamentu. Pinupus do pa bie ding binie kung salilung at mamungang tanaman bang ela dumanup at kakulangan panyali potang king tutung kailangan.

"Pati dayat malat, a binie ku pikuanan kabiaian nung e sapat ing bie tutubu king gabun a peniaksakan dang lasun king pananimbut at kapangaririang singkabilis at singkarakal a pupul king e makatud panaun pamamamupul, ikua da mu naman lesunan king karelang dinat at kelan masabal. Mapupuput pati reng wali mung pakatuknang king lalam ning dayat malat.

"Wa , Pedring, eku man bisa uling balu ku king daralan mung kaplas lub karing kapatad mung mengauala bie, dakal la ring miabe, paintulutan da naka.

"Sulung, Pedring. Ing aduan ku mu eka titipang kabengian, uling anti mu nang lugud karing sablang bie alang laban anti ring kapatad mu. Eta buring malyari karela anti ning panyaptan da kekayung lelangan kung paniaup karing sablang tau."

Pedring came with the fury of the mighty winds that he raised the sea level above man-made barriers.

Pedring howled in unabashed tears at the sight of his desecrated mother's body laid to waste and ravaged by the intelligent creatures (as his mother referred to them). His anguish and agony poured, cleansing the ground as strong currents, swished, waved, weaved and pushed mankind's wastes away.

Pedring saw not just one province desecrating Mother Nature's endowment by what she referred to as intelligent creatures. From above, as he was plunging down nearer to the surface, it was mutilation and bestiality only monsters of the dark who could do such wanton acts.

Pedring screamed and shook and unleashed all the powers he could release and interlocked his brothers' arms reaching out to him to be taken, for mankind had amputated their twigs, branches that enabled them to make food that man might breath clean air.

Pedring understood what his brothers wanted of him—take them out roots and all, instead of them being chainsawed alive by ruthless men who do not understand that by killing trees they have triggered the beginning of their end.

Pedring left behind his mighty grief of uncontrolled tears and the result of his howling agony when he came to visit. Massive flooding higher than houses. Seawater spilling over the seawall into Roxas Boulevard. Trees uprooted and tangled among wires and concrete posts. Steel toppled and twisted from their mighty heights.

Pedring may have left, but his grief was heard by younger brothers and they come to finish and leave no man-made waste unturned.

Quiel and Ramon, what anguish grips each your soul as you prepare to land on us?

Taung kalupa ku, kapilan ka madala at migising king katutuan e ka talagang biasa—magbibiasa ka ania mengapariuara ya ing yatu. Masaklo ka mata, kakaua maigit king agisan mung kanan king aldoldo nia balamu mikakaranupan anggang e dapat.

[About the author. A renaissance social worker, a revolutionary teacher, a supporter of artists, a trail-blazing woman of substance, Cecile S. Yumul is an embodiment of the phrase "Carpe diem!" This multi-awarded teacher/broadcast journalist started her broadcasting career over 27 years ago. Her radio/tv show "Bukas Bayan" has been on air since 1999 and is still airing with a multi-sectoral fan base. She is an accomplished cook, a mystic gardener, an actress, and a true environmentalist—a distinction she is indeed proud of.]

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