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cecile s. yumul
cecile s yumul HEAVENLY FATHER, You have gifted us with a home,
Provided us with all that we could possibly need
To live in harmony among others in your creation—
This Home, our Shelter: Mother Earth.

Guide us, enlighten us, show us the way to regain
And restore this wounded Home, abused and taken
For granted by those who became caretakers before our time—
That we may deserve to be its inheritors.

For all mankind who race against time, traveling the plains and mountains;
For those who maneuver and conquer the skies and space beyond;
For those who cross and plunge into the vastness of the deep blue seas—

Let this be our plea:

Show each traveler your face and warmth in every stranger he meets,
Be it an animal, an insect, a flower, a tree, or a fellow man—
For then he shall feel only love for each creature
That is sheltered, too, in our Home.

Keep the light on the path shining even in the darkest nights;
Be each flyer's co-pilot in his conquest of time and space—
For then he, too, shall recognize the greatness
And limitless borders of our Home.

Allow into every diver's moment under the blue seas
A rediscovery of his humanity, the sacredness
Of all that You have created long before his time—
That the Earth is Home not only for himself, but

For all to whom You have given the breath of life.
Help us all, whose every act is a prayer for peace—
For upon us all depends the future of the world:

Our Home.

[About the author. Cecile Santos Yumul is a veteran award winning Broadcast Journalist, a visionary teacher (Most Outstanding Teacher of the Philipines in 1992), a nationalist (Most Outstanding Kapampangan for Education in 1993), an environmentalist, and a dedicated daughter. She has over 35 years experience in the field of arts as an actor, director, and author. She is a published writer (Woman's Magazine) of essays, poems, short stories, and social commentaries. She currently resides in Lakandula, Mabalacat, Pampanga with her Mother, 18 dogs, doves, and bonsais.]

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