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cecile s. yumul
cecile s yumul WE ARE all connected. Man to his environment and environment to man. In the days of old, many upheavals have been written and read by us, from the Old Testament to the great epics and other immortal literary classics

Whether we speak of myths or truths these days, we see for ourselves the threat of another global upheaval. This is because of a general indifference towards the conservation of our fast diminishing natural resources.

If we cannot imagine what havoc may be wrought upon us, we can take our fears to the forefront through the most recent films which campaign about the most visible threat to this century.

Let us simply enumerate some of them and learn what horrors we may live through (if we get to survive at all—but then, of course, you'd tell me it's just movies, after all) if we don't heed the call to protect and conserve our natural resources and care for the environment.
1. StarTrek: The Genesis Project/Search for Spock

2. Red Dawn

3. Waterworld

4. Armageddon

5. The Core

6. The Day After Tomorrow

7. The Postman
There may be a longer list of films to horrify us about our glaring neglect of the environment, but for purposes of reaching out to you, I believe this list is enough to show the horrors possible. That the moment has never become more imperative than now, to restore and stop the continuing ecological imbalance, our fellowmen do day after day.

Who among us is not exposed to cable television these days? The Discovery and National Geographic Channels speak the same language I use to campaign for the preservation of our environment. What films we see are not REEL but REAL footages recorded down the long decades of man's negligence to move and get together for one cause. His cause for survival: One earth, one habitat, one life.

You and I are part of this one and only place.

Our home beyond the house we live in, the common habitat that we all share: EARTH.

To save earth is to save ourselves. That in doing so, we save the future of the next generation.

[About the author. Cecile Santos Yumul is a veteran award winning Broadcast Journalist, a visionary teacher (Most Outstanding Teacher of the Philipines in 1992), a nationalist (Most Outstanding Kapampangan for Education in 1993), an environmentalist, and a dedicated daughter. She has over 35 years experience in the field of arts as an actor, director, and author. She is a published writer (Woman's Magazine) of essays, poems, short stories, and social commentaries. She currently resides in Lakandula, Mabalacat, Pampanga with her Mother, 18 dogs, doves, and bonsais.]

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