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j reylan bustos viray J. Reylan Bustos Viray teaches Philosophy, Literature, and Humanities at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila. He is a native of Masantol, Pampanga. He is a lifetime member of the International Society for Philosophers based in the University of Sheffield (UK), Philippine Association of Teachers of Culture and the Arts, and Philippine Association of Teachers of History and Rizal. He is also a member of Pinoy Poets, Philosophical Association of the Philippines, and Society of Asian Comparative Philosophy (USA). Some of Mr. Viray's poetry appeared in published journals and online journals in the country. He has published monographs dealing with Postmodern Philosophy, Jean Francois Lyotard's Philosophy, Epistemology and Filipino Philosophy. Mr. Viray lives in Fairview, Quezon City with his wife and two bubbly daughters.

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