aida tanglao
I remember today my Land of Birth
Every home of birth
Home which in time is left behind
Times when everyone could fly on their own
Fly to prove one's independence
Independent to live alone
To find work in the open world
To search for and find the light
And sometimes it is in darkness
Where brightness is found
The clear from the blurred
The clean from the unclean
The happy from the sad
The love from the numb
The walk of the different
The quick thinking
Of the freed mind
Aganaka ke ngeni ing Balen kung Tibwan
Balang bale kebayitan
Bale lang lalakwan, pangaratang ning panaun
Panaun nung nu naka makasulapo dili mu
Sulapo bang palto ing katimawan
Katimawan mye malaya
Manintunan king lawta
Batyo pong kapkap king masala
At neng kayi king maralumdum
Karin ya pa akit ing sala
Ing malino king malabug
Ing malinis king marinat
Ing tula king lungkut
Ing lugud ning pata
Ing lakad ning aliwa
Ing bilis nang misip
Ning metimawang utak.
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About the author. Aida Tanglao is a U.S.-based Kapampangan Filipino American. She has lived and worked in different communities in Pampanga, Manila, and in Nigeria when the Philippines was under a regime of civil rights suppression. She studied in various public and private Philippine institutions, went to graduate school in Pampanga, and further attended local colleges in the U.S. Proudly, she is a mother of five and a grandmother to eight. Her personal and educational backgrounds provide the impetus for her to reach out and help in instilling cultural, moral, and historical consciousness among her people and in advocating correct child rearing approaches. She has embraced into her motherhood and patriotic obligations working for the Filipino's aspirations to spiritual and human liberation and contentment.
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