abel d. soto
Parati nia mung mitatacas iting poema.
E cu capilan man milapit quing pamaniacap cu queca

potang pagcapilitan cung isulat da ca.

            Clara. Pabustan mung ita ing iyaus cu queca.
            Pabustan mung ilual da ca

quing bilungan a’ini. Pabustan mung isulat cu queca,

            ini nang poema ban palabasan mu na cu sana,
            cabang macaticad ca pa. Pabustan mu sana

ini mu mang pacli, caniting lugal na niting poema…

            milabas na cu queca…
            quening tambubung ning pamicalugud ta.
—Posted: 10:42 AM 9/28/2014 by eK! | Post Your Comment!

About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.
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