abel d. soto
Nung sacali man din'tang na ing aldo
(Ing) lugud mu canacu tutu nang milaco
Iti beiatan yang pusanan quing pago
Tutung munie lungcut, (at) ing lua cu maglapo.

Nung sacali man din'tang ing panaun,
Misagana ca ta quing dalan a laun
At e que man iquit, timan mung manayun
Ing pusu cu lugma ya't e ya magmaratun.

Nung sacali man pengacu mu na pin
Ing e mu na cu lo'n at dinan pang pansin
Anti cu mo uaring e acaquit a angin
Iti pagsalbat cu aguia mang nucarin.

Nung sacali man quelinguan mu na cu
At e me man buring damdaman ing lagyu cu
Inugse mo pa pin ring sablang binye cu
Iti punyal ya ping mitarac (quing) salu cu.

Nung sacali man, bie ta mepupus na
At melanat no ngan ring anggang sampaga
Bisa ca ma't ali pagtumaila ra ca
At ing balang dalit icuintas que queca.

Nung sacali man deni ala no ngan:
Sintingan at lugud at sablang pibandian,
Pamau't panandam, pati (na) panimanman,
Iti nang lugud cu queca que itagan.

Nung sacali man atin cung pangadi
Qng Dios a malugud ya mu cabud iti:
Bie cu mas pacaban ban ca(na)cung asabi
Ing caluguran da ca miguit (pa) qng sarili.

Nung sacali man, atin cung pagnasan
Deni sang "sacaling" canacung uculan
Reti maliari man, queca ta nang isipan
Reti metung la mung, "Nung sacali man."

9/7/10, Baculud, Capampangan
E cu bisang maqui-una qng mamalaguang panaun,
Bista man sasabian da ing tutu na cung laun.

E cu bisang tucnang susulat caring e da susulat,
Bista man sasabian da ing ala na canung e marinat.

E cu bisang magpati-anud qng masalusung agus,
Bista man sasabian da ing mitauli na cung lubus.

E cu bisang tuqui caring pulayi da ring queraclan,
Bista man sasabian da ya cu na mung malalacuan.

E cu bisang maquiapus caring taung magpa-ipus,
Bista man sasabian da ing manaquitan cung lubus.

E cu bisang cumaul qng cacaulan da ring atinan,
Bista man sasabian da ini'ing manauang carinan.

E cu bisang managuimpan qng taguimpan da ring mangatas,
Bista man sasabian da ing queni cu naman miras.

E cu bisang maquialung qng pialung da ring mapamiasa,
Bista man sasabian da, "Siguradung sumambut ca!"

E cu bisang maqui-agum caring taung atyu quilual
Bista man sasabian da ing darayu do ring siual.

E cu bisang milub qng labuad na ning pulitica,
Bista man sasabian da queni agad cung micualta.

E cu bisang misulud caniting sagradung abitu
Bista man sasabian da mayupaya ya'ing pulpitu.

E cu bisa careni ngang bague a canacung simbitla,
Bista man e cu balu nung anggang capilan cu e bisa.

E cu bisang subucan pa, ring bague a e cu naman linya,
Bista man sasabian da ing subucan cu pa sana.

E cu bisa caring bague a tutung dacal no queni mabibie,
Uling ing tune bisa na ning bie qng Dios iquit cu neng tune.

("Our hearts were made for you, oh Lord,
And they will remain restless until they rest in you!" —St. Augustine)

9/8/10, Baculud, Capampangan
"I haven't seen too many around lately. Things have been tough lately for dreamers. They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore. It's not dead; it's just that it's been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists. The dreamer is banished to obscurity. Well, I'm trying to change all that, and I hope you are, too by dreaming every day..., dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. Our planet is facing the greatest problems it has ever faced, ever. So whatever you do, don't be bored; this is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are just starting..."
Man on the Train, Waking Life (2001)

Masaquit ing maninap
uling tutu la ping maliap
nia maralas lang misisicap
at e ta la lubus araracap.

Ring paninap, ing babie ra
tula sanang alang capara
nung ding maninap miguising la
at tuparan la ring paninap da.

Dapot mas daca'la ring paninap
a manatiling undap-undap
at ala lang apapalto mayap
qng bie da ring magdulap.

Daca'la pin ding manintun
caring paninap a e maratun,
a maglayag caring alun
caring mengalabas a panaun.

Nanung silbi da ring paninap
nung deni e la mamungang mayap
at cabud na la mu misisicap
uling tutu tamung dacal pigagap?

Ring paninap mayap la mu
caring taung e susucu
at magnasang pamagbayu
at maninap bayung yatu.

Dapat ta mu mung maninap
ban tapat tamung macayarap
qng Dios a miglalang at mayap
a minunang diling meninap!

9/8/10, Baculud, Capampangan
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About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.
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