papa osmubal
At Restaurante Litoral
on a friendly street, Macau,
with five-star Iberian ambience,
elegance, soothing silence.

Amidst sweet, measured
erudite murmuring of diners,
a mosquito buzzes around.
Nature follows us everywhere

With the memory
of its wild wilderness.
It clandestinely chases us
like our shadows.

We can't run, can't hide,
and one day in the future,
sure as eggs is eggs,
it will send its burning lions.
Long journey,
rough, sad,
unfriendly roads.
Tired feet,
broken soul,
trembling hands.
He came, sat
with wine, drank,
drunk, slept,
dreamt, smiled,
gone. Gone
with his dream.
Gone in his
dream. Forever.
Forever gone.
Gone. Forever.
In dream.
In his dream.
Gone in dream,
gone in his dream—
the landscape,
the terrain
he alone
can tread,
can inhabit
forever, where
is dream.
With a very bad flu
I went to have lunch
with a friend— a bird

Chirping in a corner
of the restaurant.

I kept listening
to it for a while,

Hoping I could figure out
what it was saying.

Finally, I gave up
and said, "Thank you!"
(on gossip and inanity)
Bim the Bear
Struts his ware

His usual trade
Mere old tirade

Goes around
Quite unbound

Aptly dubbed the Bear
His demeanors bare

Face burns red and way fat
Blurbs like a parakeet

Haloed saint and actor
Absolute impostor

His tongue a king's scepter
Wreaks a sure disaster

The world his pedestal
the judge over all
Rome is a cathedral
of silence in the morning.
It's sun is shy and lazy
behind the pines.

My soul vividly reverberates
and so does the aubade
of birds and old nuns
humming their matins.

Time is visible in the fog here,
with a mien tangible like a man's,
listening, gazing, standing, waiting.
I beseech it— him! He is here
alive, with a mien,
with warm Atlantic breath.
Beseeching him
to keep Rome standing majestic
and invincible against the spell
of winds and seasons.
Because a rock is Rome
And Rome is rock.

But time is a grand traitor—
its face gentle and kind,
its claws savage and unforgiving.
Rome can never deny
it is all pure dust
as much as I am dust.
We are all in the mercy of time
and everything is dust.

(O dry petals drip
O their soft drop
mightier and louder
than a giant boulder)
—Posted 8:01 PM 4/26/16 by eK! | Post Your Comment!

About the author. Papa Osmubal is Oscar Balajadia of Magalang (Well, don't get fooled by that name), now a Macau resident (Sorry, where?) and married to a Chinese local (How? How come? Why?). He has been a Catholic seminarian (OK, he once opened a book at an exam in Latin and Romance Languages—but who in frigging hell did not?), a Catholic missionary (Oh, the rosary is the answer to our country's economic problems and to your alcoholism and addiction to nicotine!), a bookstore staffer (Yes, sir, listen here, we know it is urgent, so your book is on its way from Guangzhou and will be here in 8 months!), a librarian (Oh, it's Friday the 13th and I am not putting 666 as Dewey call number on this bloody book!), and a teaching assistant (OK, pal, I know you prepared for the exams so I will check and mark them!). He is currently a teacher (yawn) and has an M.A. in English Studies (yawn even more, nod off, and then snore) from the University of Macau (sorry again, where?).
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