oliver s. carlos
Maluat-luat na rin, deng taung makapadurut quecata isipan da alang
mangatbanan a suliranin.
Bala ra, asna la kaimpis ding pilatan paulit-ulit tang pangatawangnan
a lalasacan –
pilatan ning kawul at pamigulut, ning uma ampo ning isding. Acaquit da
ca, acaquit mu cu.
Dapot e cata micaquit.

Atin tabing a migit macapal.
Pilit na cang lalaut at sisilauan.

Nung nya pala agyang isipan cung cayagnan da ca, deng tacbang cu
migit lang mapangangas at mumuna queca.
Buri ra ca mang isaque quing matibe balsa, buri ra ca mang acasaup
mamagse papunta quing pampang
a dapat tang puntalan, nung migit mung pipilinan ing magpabiling-
biling qng pagkeran, ing magpayata-yata
qng malambut mung tudturan, ing migapus cabang-caba
quing talicalang macacalicat caring batal ampong gamat –

nanu mo ing acarapat cu?

Yca na ing migpasya.
Makagyung yacu, balu cung macaba ya pa ing dalan a baltangan.
Dacal pa dapat gawan.
Malaut pa ing lacaran papunta qng parasan.
Dapat co pa waring bagalan ding tacbang?

Cabang balu cung aldoldo ating mibubulang, ating bayaning susubsub
caring asican at caquewan,
anggat e sisilip ing malutung aslag ning tagumpe't catuparan, malaus
cu, nung nu ya maka-ucul ing bie cu.

Nung inia ngeni, caring lua cung e na langi capilan man
tutuntun que't tatatak ing gulis quing quecatang pilatan

Talacad cu queni.
Quen ca manatili.
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About the author. Oliver Carlos was born and grew up in the town of San Luis, Pampanga. He studied AB Political Science at the University of the East in Manila, but did not manage to finish it, not because of some difficulties, but rather because of his love of his country. He was kicked out of school because he spent most of his time in the streets with other nationalist youths, fighting against the rotten political system. He chose to stay in other people's houses and studied in the hinterlands with the poor farmers. In doing so, he met his future better half and companion in life. Now, he is one of the OFWs, trying his luck in foreign places to make both ends meet and to get his family out of poverty. Amidst all this, he keeps on looking back at his beloved country, especially his province, Pampanga.
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