marcial t. caniones
bullets pierced both my calloused palms
my spine broke as they took turns kicking my back with metal end of boots
i saw white spots, like stars upwardly moving, as i closed my eyes in pain
i lay groaning on dry ground, dust blowing and powdering my face, as i breathed heavily
memories of the past and thoughts of what the future could have been swelled in my mind like a crown of thorns
my tied feet were numb from bruised and tattered skin as i was dragged near the pit
i could not move, half of my ribs were broken from the tremendous force of the butt of an M16
i knew it was my end
i just waited
until all was dark and... nothing
—Posted: 5:23 PM 3/4/10 by eK! | Post Your Comment!

About the author. Marcial Tayag Caniones, a Political Science graduate, is assistant manager at the Community Extension Services Office of Clark Development Corporation. He was born on the 10th of July in 1965, became vegetarian when he was 24 years old, started serious reading when he was 32, and began writing at 39. He admits to being ugly but claims to ooze with sex appeal.
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