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tony mercado peña
tony mercado peña atin kung tugak
misdan yang mipalundag
king kokak ning uran

my frog
leaped in surprise
at the croaking rain


lon me ing rosa
selikut ne ing banglu
siksuk n'king suksuk

lo! the rose
fragrance refuged
inside her thorn


potang sisilim
malino meng asisinag
kekang penibatan

at sundown
one clearly recaptures
his native Nazareth


dayat a malat
king pusad mung malalam
k'butil kung asin

pacific ocean
deep down your bosom
am but a pinch of salt


menabung bulung
rekwerdu lang kayanakan
sasalikut ning ketwanan

mellowed leaves
refuge of wounded chivalries
rotting in captivity


alinong misapin
king dalumdum a lalbag
ning benging kukutkut

silhouettes commune
as the thickening dusk
penetrates the evening


banwang madulum
lonang 'ting gulisala
taram k'kung laram

the deep ebon sky
a vast canvas to twinkle
my little white lie


ing kawatasan
panaplus ya king sugat
ginalus ning isip

heals the wound
inflicted by reason"


*LAWe ning ISIP (for brevity), a collection
of haikus in the vernacular.

[About the author. Tony Mercado Peña is a bilingual writer, in English and in Kapampangan. He hails from Sasmuan, Pampanga. He has been accorded various literary awards such as First Place in the Tagisan King Poesia hosted by Gawad Komisyon 2007, Republika Ng Pilipinas at the Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, where he introduced a couple of poetic genres, tanka and haiku, in the vernacular literature. He was also bestowed the Most Outstanding Kapampangan Award 2007 (MOKA) in Culture at the Arts at City of San Fernando, Pampanga. He charges his pen with the redeeming literary significance to resuscitate his dying language back to life. His "K" poetry is a galvanizing medium, a mighty weapon battling the lingual windmills that overwhelm the Kapampangan nation.]

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