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titus toledo
image TODAY the world ends, just as it will end tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. It will end exactly midnight today, just as it did yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that. This has always been so, just as it always will be, except that nobody notices and nobody will—which is good, which should be good, which should all be good—given that everybody is blissfully busy trying to make ends meet. Peace.

[About the author. Titus Toledo has published extensively in discord. As of this writing, he digs space weather, code art, semiotics, guerrilla gardening, and crispy begukan—in that order. He comes in peace.]

[About the video. Video courtesy of the Adbuster Media Foundation and Blip.TV. Poem used in video by Czeslaw Milosz, "A Song on the End of the World (Warsaw, 1944)" from The Collected Poems; 1931-1987. Copyright© 1988 by Czeslaw Milosz Royalities, Incorporated/ HarperCollins Publishers.]

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