eK! is electronic Kabalen (eksite.com), a web-exclusive Kapampangan journal of ideas

titus toledo
image TO WHOM it may concern:

A different Kapampangan website will hit the world wide web on January 6, 2007. It will be sharp, it will be snazzy, and it will be coming to you sizzling like a plate of Aling Lucing's.

What is it called? eK!

What the eK! is eK!? eK! is a web-exclusive Kapampangan journal of ideas.

Why eK! for eK!'s sakes? Well, why Yahoo, why Google, why Wiki, why not? But mostly because eK! is short for electronic Kabalen, which is what we hope to call the exercise. (After a host of other probable names, we assure you, random combinations, such as erotic Kababayan, eat Kapampangan, evil Kitchen—to name a few.)

Why web-exclusive? Because eK! is to be published only on the internet and only with the widest potential reach and the largest potential readership in mind.

Why Kapampangan? Because we are made to believe that is what we are, whether we are sure of it or not.

Why journal? Because it isn't news, it isn't magazine, and it certainly isn't the community portal most websites claim to be. (Journal is a safe bet, but only in that it intends to keep a daily record of thought and trends, events and experiences—a logbook of mental transactions, if you will—open to everyone and anyone who cares to inquire into the Kapampangan state of mind, as we know it.)

Why ideas? Because that is about the only thing we, humans, are supposed to be good at—coming up with ideas: big or small, good or bad, for better or for worse.

Ideas just like this.

So what exactly is the big idea behind eK!? Truth is, we do not know exactly. But this much we do know—exactly: 1) eK! is going to be as free and as independent as any medium can get; and 2) it is also going to be around for long while, at least as long as there is internet.

Which is like forever.

And so, here's to forever. And here's to eK! And here's to that long and lonely crusade to gather round the best Kapampangan minds of our generation.

Be that as it may: Allow us, therefore, to formally invite you to join us, as one of our contributing columnists.

We say "contributing," because we can only hope for that which you can freely share with us and with the rest of what is still largely our imagined audience.

We say "contributing," because we can promise no compensation other than the infinitely far more stable currency of being in the good company of those who can still find pleasure in good writing and good reading.

If you think we are not a bunch of loonies, cross the line below and read on.

Meantime, mark the date: January 6, 2007. And remember the name: eK!



1. TOPIC. Your column is your business. What you write is entirely up to you. We ask only this—that you contribute only original and previously unpublished works by you. While eK! does bill itself as "a Kapampangan journal of ideas," the word Kapampangan here is used not so much as an origin of birth as it is an origin of thought. In other words, a column does not necessary have to talk about Kapampangan to be Kapampangan.

2. RUBRIC. Rubric or column titles are unnecessary (i.e. firing-line, viewpoint, tilamsik ng diwa, etc). The best rubric for your column is already your name. No aliases, please.

3. LANGUAGE. Whatever is both convenient and expedient at the moment of your inspiration: You may write in English, in Kapampangan, or in Tagalog. You may also write in Engkalog, if it suits you.

4. WORD-COUNT. There is no standing word-limit for what you write. Your column can be as long as King James.

5. DEADLINE. We set no deadlines. You set the deadline. You may submit a column every day or every other day, weekly or monthly. You may also submit only when you feel like submitting. Best practice, however, dictates that columns should appear with some degree of regularity.

6. DATELINE. eK! is not an open forum. Postings are not automatic. In order to ensure the integrity of the written word, all submissions go through a kind of editorial gauntlet. The process is obscenely old school. Here and there, real, living, breathing, chain-smoking human editors actually (man)handle each article before it is sent to the "kitchen" for manual hard-coding. On a spectacularly busy day, cooking time can take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours—tops.

7. BILLING. We do not, as a rule, adhere to star-billing. The order of columns, as they might appear on our website, is determined solely by freshness. The latest column-addition naturally takes top ranking, with the older columns sliding down the list. All published columns, however dated, will remain in our archives—equally accessible by anyone, anytime.

8. FIRST REQUIREMENTS. Your first contribution should include the following:
a) Author's bio (brief). In paragraph-form. Resume or CV not necessary.
b) Author's picture. Latest mughot, must be at least 2x2 inches, saved as jpg, and sent as an email attachment.

9. COPYRIGHT. Unless specifically stated otherwise, copyright is retained by contributors whose works appear on eK! Works may not be reproduced without their permission.

10. SUBMISSION. Articles may be submitted in plain text or as word document files (best, if you could simply cut and paste your article into the body of your email message). Please email your submission (along with your picture and your brief bio) to:

[About the author. Titus Toledo has published extensively in discord. As of this writing, he digs space weather, code art, semiotics, guerrilla gardening, and crispy begukan—in that order. He comes in peace.]

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