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about Cecile Yumul's "Eggplant and the Bahay Kubo"
The eggplant, for all its year-round availability, must be given more than a casual glance, no matter the shape and color.
-Posted: 9:02 AM 12/3/14 | eK!

about Cecile Yumul's "Revisiting the Bahay Kubo"
Any child who passed grade school can sing from memory, without skipping a beat, the lyrics to this childhood melody.
-Posted: 11:30 AM 11/27/14 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Wide Open Space in the Countryside with a Shaft of Light"
In the freedom that you notice from others you see in yourself where the term's meaning expands into its true form and defines you the way an animal is defined by its habitat.
-Posted: 6:30 PM 11/4/2014 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Los Angeles"
I've seen every single time that you are threatened by someone of my appearance and though I don't give a rat's ass what men think of me, you behave in low low ways, not passing for human, because that is what you think that they want, isn't it?
-Posted: 10:30 AM 8/13/2014 | eK!

about Arlan Veras Payad's "We are OK in spite of the fault in our stars"
Our diatribe of the unfair quirks of fate that sometimes make themselves so intolerably prominent just when we thought we were having a great day might as well be extinguished at the first accessible opportunity
-Posted: 8:30 AM 7/11/2014 | eK!

about Abel Soto's "Oh Writers!"
Being a writer is, for lack of a more eloquently pompous description, a horrible, painful, downright-fucking-awful existence.
-Posted: 9:30 AM 5/2/14 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Finding the good-looking in a puddle of melted snow"
I guess that people love something that reflects their own selves in another.
-Posted: 8:30 PM 3/10/2014 | eK!

about JC Gaillard's "Kapampangan Ethnicity as a Colonial Construct"
It is time to ask whether all the people living in Pampanga and Southern Tarlac are indeed Kapampangan as defined by the Spaniards in the later 16th century – since this is still the norm and while awaiting some further critical studies about what Kapampangan ethnicity actually is.
-Posted: 8:30 AM 2/24/14 | eK!

about Arlan Veras Payad's "'Tis The Season to Speak of Love to Humanity"
We must strike a crucial balance between love and its expression in human language; for what good is love without its expression? And for what good is there in expression devoid of purpose?
-Posted: 10:30 AM 12/23/2013 | eK!

about Cecile Yumul's "Manambun"
It started with a drop on my face, then more drops on my body.
-Posted: 8:30 AM 12/6/13 | eK!

about Arlan Veras Payad's "Mine and the Dogs'"
I ponder on animal welfare and the philosophy behind it, I can only perceive a tangled web with the crisscrossing of the interests of animals and humans.
-Posted: 8:30 AM 12/6/2013 | eK!

about Arlan Veras Payad's "On Atonement"
Although atonement and justice are prerequisite steps to our evolutionary journey to the fullness of our humanity, the destination and the very reason for the whole stretch of the circuitous trek, over and above all else, is love.
-Posted: 8:30 PM 11/25/2013 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Cleansing Feet"
I let the Hi-Way wash sin with sin.
-Posted: 8:30 PM 6/20/2013 | eK!

about Titus Toledo's "When What You Eat Ends Up Eating You"
Is it fair to inquire if everything at Jollibee is GMO-free? What about the innumerable products from and by Del Monte? Dole? Universal Robina? NutriAsia? Asia Brewery? San Miguel Foods?
-Posted: 8:18 PM 6/7/13 | eK!