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6/7/2013 - 11/27/2012

about Joanna Carlos's "Movement"
The art I dabble in, words, impresses me because it can be done. I have ample time and I should really get going.
-Posted: 8:18 PM 6/7/13 | eK!

about Cecile Yumul's "Mother Earth: Reflections from the Last Words"
What we do to any part of this earth negatively is doomsday we heap upon ourselves.
-Posted: 8:28 PM 4/16/13 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "House of Haven"
In Pampanga is a haven for those who love pleasure.
-Posted: 8:28 PM 4/16/13 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "The Thistle Effect"
We are all taking part in the occasions of the world, even the recluse.
-Posted: 10:42 AM 3/14/13 | eK!

about Wilfrido David's "The Divorce Bill"
As long as the the proposed Divorce Bill is left hanging, marriages in the Philippines are a farce.
-Posted: 11:11 AM 13/1/16 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Nondescript"
I remember that writing can be tricky. I didn't want to be read.
-Posted: 11:11 AM 2/17/13 | eK!

about Cecile Yumul's "Going Bananas in Mt. Arayat"
Driving to the mountain about three to four times a week can get you going bananas.
-Posted: 10:00 AM 2/2/13 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "The Blog"
The blog is free, and I leave it to you to wonder what I really feel, I am too old, too spent.
-Posted: 10:00 AM 2/2/13 | eK!

about Aida Tanglao's "Kapampangan Ku"
Ding kabalen na manimuna la king pamanyulung ning kapulwan da.
-Posted: 8:00 AM 1/16/13 | eK!

about Wilfrido David's "The Real Miss Universe Contest"
In the first real Miss Universe contest all contestants come from the nine known planets in the solar system.
-Posted: 8:00 AM 1/16/13 | eK!

about JC Gaillard's "On The Diffusion Of The Kapanguluan Language"
Modern Kapanguluan is gaining ground and the number of people who use it as their first language is increasing.
-Posted: 11:30 PM 1/7/13 | eK!

about Wilfrido David's "Bayung Banua Na, Bayung Pangaku"
A promise is made just to buy time until it is finally forgotten or becomes irrelevant.
-Posted: 11:00 AM 12/30/12 | eK!

about Wilfrido David's "Pasku Na"
Christmas is not only in the air, it is always in our hearts and minds.
-Posted: 7:30 PM 12/24/12 | eK!

about Marcial Caniones's "Kuya Pablo"
On the spur of momentary remembrance of bloops, people devastated can even laugh, triggered by pain and happiness at the same time.
-Posted: 7:13 AM 12/14/12 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "The Day Of Opened Cases"
We should all think of how the world functions, with its mysterious revolution we too would ponder, the force of centuries before us, when will we find the missing link that insists on rubbing away the aches and ills of mankind.
-Posted: 7:13 AM 12/14/12 | eK!

about Wilfrido David's "The End Of The World, Once Again"
There is a quandary on who can predict the end of the world and be successful enough to scare people out of their wits. Is it theMayans, or Nostradamus, the Bible, or just one's own natural naiveté?
-Posted: 8:00 AM 12/12/12 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "Solace & Reverie, Light & Darkness"
The privilege of ownership of a quality, be it only singly, of anything that would perpetuate the rather illusion of godliness,an unearthly immortal beauty or a vapid intelligence is something that is noticed second-degree.
-Posted: 8:00 AM 12/12/12 | eK!

about Aida Tanglao's "Ding Supling Nang Sinukwan"
Daya tamu kanung asu. Taksil ta kanung Kapampangan. Yang angang baligtad. Mumuna ne atang dili pamanyulung kabyayan ing Pilipinas king dane na Aslagan ngeni, o bakit nang malilyari king laman ding babasan Menila?
-Posted: 8:00 AM 12/12/12 | eK!

about Joana Marie R. Morales's "Lumakad, Kayanakan: Isulung Ing Kabiasnan Para King Matulid a Dalan"
Bilang metung a kayanakan, kayabe ku karing magnasang makapanuknangan lilung ning metung a bansang masaplala.
-Posted: 8:00 AM 12/12/12 | eK!

about Joanna Carlos's "The Scene"
The streets are prowled on by many monsters. You can tell by their faces, they all come out languishing.
-Posted: 7:45 AM 11/27/12 | eK!