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aida tanglao
aida tanglao Color-Blindness

they love their heroes
they are not color-blind
they see nationalism
in colors of white
or gray
yes, white-wash the hero's house
he's gone anyway
we can make color deeper than skin
let's fight and insult each other
use nationalism to divide and not unite

Peace and Quiet

beauty is in the eye of the beholder
color with its essence
is lost by stereos

[About the author. Aida Tanglao is a U.S.-based Kapampangan Filipino American. She has lived and worked in different communities in Pampanga, Manila, and in Nigeria when the Philippines was under a regime of civil rights suppression. She studied in various public and private Philippine institutions, went to graduate school in Pampanga, and further attended local colleges in the U.S. Proudly, she is a mother of five and a grandmother to eight. Her personal and educational backgrounds provide the impetus for her to reach out and help in instilling cultural, moral, and historical consciousness among her people and in advocating correct child rearing approaches. She has embraced into her motherhood and patriotic obligations working for the Filipino's aspirations to spiritual and human liberation and contentment.]

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