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aida tanglao
aida tanglao THE SUPREME Court's order to clean up the bay is another proof of the Filipino's love and care for Mother Nature. I hope the trees in Olongapo will not be sacrificed for a gambling place. I walked around Old Mountain View the other day. It was so nice to see big old trees in both residential and commercial areas. Many parts of the sidewalks' pavements are being broken because of the roots of the trees, but I still saw younger replacements of the old and sick ones. (The City fixes them periodically.) The residents do not mind the roots of these trees breaking the sidewalks. It is a beautiful place, lots of shade and greens, you can feel the clean air.

Anya, it is not an excuse to kill and get rid of trees altogether when they are sick. They can be treated or replaced with similar species.

To save water resources we need to save land resources. Yesterday, a scientist was talking on public television. He was concerned about fish dying in the waters because of too much fertilizer that flowed to them. We need to educate people to use fish and meat washings to water plants and trees which are more effective than chemical fertilizers. I do it. Also, human vitamins. Lakwas na siguru fish or cod fish oil. Deng expired a vitamins I grind and soak then use to water plants.

'Siyapu ra naman deng taung aliwa, could they eat money? Na'ng gawan karing pera nung alang asaling asan, gule, o prutas or when you cannot breathe anymore because of pollution?

Sorry pu. Oini mu ing buri kung pakit kekayo keng sulatk.blogspot.com, dikil keng California Academy of Sciences, heroes la pu deng Filipinu kanu! Something that made us smile for our Indung Tibwan. Pati pu ing kanan ketang Moss Restaurant karin, asmu kanyaman agyang siempre maki-halaga.

It is food that makes you feel respected. Ali sobra karakal a ala namang lasa. Alang soda. Ing desserts, healthy mu naman. Kanyaman da retang anting masapodridang maki-roasted chocolates a passion fruit cookies! Atin siopao, asmo ka-disentyan, kanyaman, thin crust with moist stuffing of different kinds of meat, greens, and mushrooms siguru ita. Malati la pero matimbang. E ke tikman (gisan ne ning balayi ku) itang metung ning anak kung magmaragul. Karing pasta, manyaman mu naman atin leeks itang tikman ku.

Speaking of American native veggies, kanyaman na pala ning fennel bulb! At 60, I finally became bold enough to eat fennel bulb rather than just appreciate their beauty and delicate looks. The fine leaves, I just learned, are good for indigestion.

Food, or cuisine, is science, too. (Ergo, culinary science, if I may.) I learned the difference between gourmet and gourmand, :-). I realized how the quality and quantity of the food we eat can make and help us feel dignified and better and happier.

Sorry pasibayu—please see my blog and click the blue links if you have time so you will know more about the Aquarium/Museum of the CAS. Agawa ta Kapampangan ine? Atin la pang library o kids education center. Alimpi ne keng Smithsonian, but keng panga-Green muna ya ini.

[About the author. Aida Tanglao is a U.S.-based Kapampangan Filipino-American. She has lived and worked in different communities in Pampanga, Manila, and in Nigeria when the Philippines was under a regime of civil rights suppression. She studied in public and private Philippine institutions (Lourdes Elementary School, Holy Angel University, University of Sto. Tomas), went to graduate school at Angeles University Foundation, and attended local colleges in the U.S. She currently does "action research," and catches up on what she missed in the meagerly filled libraries in Pampanga, particularly at the Pampanga High School (formerly Jose Abad Santos High School) where she taught for more than a decade. A mother to five children at 27 years old, she is now a grandmother to eight. Her personal and educational backgrounds provide the impetus for her to reach out and help in instilling cultural, moral, and historical consciousness among her people and in advocating correct child rearing approaches. She has embraced into her motherhood and patriotic obligations working for the Filipino's aspirations to spiritual and human liberation and contentment.]

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