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abel d soto
abel soto FIRST, THE impeachment trial. This is the way I see the real context of the impeachment trial taken from the contextual paradigm of the Prosecution Team: the conviction or non-conviction of Chief Justice Reynato Corona has just become secondary to the real score of the trial. The prosecution team is already victorious whether or not CJ Corona will be removed from office. Do you know why? The prosecution team has already succeeded in making known to the majority of the country's population what kind of chief justice we have in our beloved country.

And I think this is the real context of this impeachment trial of Chief Justice Reynato Corona. Winning the battle in the conviction of CJ Corona in this political process and exercise, called the Impeachment Trial, will just be a bonus for the prosecution team.


Second, fraternity and hazing. These two subjects are again back in the media limelight nowadays. When I was the desk editor of the Central Luzon Daily, I wrote about this in the Editorial of the paper and in my column as well.

Allow me to repeat some significant points about these two subjects for the sake of putting them into proper perspective, in their proper context.

The trappings of an idealized ancient Greece were added to those of Freemasonry to create secret societies dedicated to bringing together young men who were seeking conviviality. Members historically met weekly in a student dormitory room or rented facility for social and intellectual fellowship. To fight the monotony of mid-nineteenth-century colleges, fraternities institutionalized various escapes of a social nature.

In short, fraternities were significantly about brotherhood that promotes and advocates social and intellectual fellowship more than anything else. Fraternities and sororities offer an organized and varied schedule of activities, including intramural sports, community service projects, dances, formals, and parties. Affiliating with a fraternity or sorority enhances the development of mature interpersonal relationships, facilitates the development of leadership skills, teaches teamwork, fosters interchange of ideas, promotes values clarification, and can facilitate the development of sense of autonomy and personal identity.

Today, the word "fraternity" already connotes a different tone and is perceived by many in a different light: that of deadly "initiation" of the innocent young people who simply wanted "to belong" for reasons of "security" and camaraderie.

How horrible!


Catlu at catataulian, ing capiesta'nang Apung Guemung. Quetang milabasan a a-dies ning Pebreru ning banuang casalucuyan, pigmasusian ne ning Balen Baculud ing ca-piesta’na ning patuluna'nang i San Guillermo Ermitanio.

Sinimba cu man quetang tauli nang misa ning capiestan a'ita, at ing mig-misa ya pin ing caluguran tamung Arsobispo Paciano B. Aniceto, o "Apu Cetu" caring queraclan. At quing cayang malalam at macabaldugan a homilia, dinina'nang timid caniting homilia ing ulaga na ning catajimican at ing pamangailanga'ning baling Cristianu a jubuga'ne at pacamalan ing cayang "contemplative life" ban pasulungan ing cayang bie-casalpantayanan. At iti inugne ne quing bie nang Apung Guemung a mibiebie anting metung a ermitaniu, bista man quing ya mabandi ya at mayupaya.

Ing macalungcut a iquit cu quing capagmasusian a'ini ya pin ing miliari caibat na ning tauling misa caniting capiestan.

Penguraldal de i Apung Guemung! At ing buri nang sabian ning "curaldal" quing literal nang cabaldugan ya pin iti quing amanung Ingles: "make noise." Acutang cung malaus quing sarili cu nung atin pamicatagun quing amlat na ning pamagmasusi quing capeista'nang Apung Guemung, at quing atlung pulu at siyam a banuang pamanucnangan cu queti Baculud nung penguraldal da ne i Apung Guemung.

Ala yu quing "cultural identity" o "cultural landscape" na ning Baculud ing manguraldal. O't cabira-bira magpa-usu la ring mamuntucan quing paroquia nang Apung Guemung a panguraldal de quing cayang aldo-capiestan! E cu acaquit macatud ya ing pamanguraldal da cang Apung guemung quing contecstu na ning bie na niting banal a lelangan, a mibiebie quing banal a catajimican at pamagdili-dili ban manalangin at mibule!

Nung bisa la sanang magpa-usu ring taung mamuntucan queni quing paroquia nang Apung Guemung, sana itud de at ibili quing mabeluan at maca-iacmang contecstu ing carelang pa-usu, ba'lang e lulto manong, lalu na ing ing metung a pa-usu rang e macatud quing ustu nang contecstu.

Ing mas macalungcut pa caniti ya pin ing gueua ra quing limbun nang Apung Guemung nung nucarin iquit cu rugung pipase-pase re ing rebultu nang Apung Guemung cabang titigtig ya ing metung caring masigla nang cantang Willie Revillame!

Apu cung Guinung mapamacalulo! Nanung buri dang pa-usu ring mamuntucan a reni quing cultura na ning Baculud?! Queguisana'no uari sustansia quing ideya reting mamuntucan queti quing paroquia nang Apung Guemung ban magpa-usu lang metung a cararaptanan e macatud quing bie na ning carelang dirininan a macabaldugan a capigaganacan quing aldo ning cayang capiestan?!

Misip la sana quing catajimica'na ning carelang pusu reting taung meca-isip a panguraldal de i Apung Guemung. Mas masanting siguru reting meca-isip penguraldal da na mu ing sarili ra at e ra ne pidame-dame pa quing e macatud a cararaptanan a anti caniti ing metung a banal a taung babie ulaga at beiatan quing ulaga at cabanalan a atyu quing sagradung catajimican.

[About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.]

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