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abel d soto
abel soto WRITING, for me, is not just simply a means to express what I think and what I believe in. For me, writing is also a means for me to educate and to fulfill my mission as an apostle for information, formation, and transformation.

I have already encountered a lot of writers from different eras and from different countries. Majority of them are excellent writers who have taught me and shaped me not only as a writer but also as a teacher and as a person as well.


One thing I have noticed, though, with some writers I just met recently through their works is that they are boastful! They are so full of themselves when they write. They write as if only their opinions matter in the universe. And most of them write more to impress than to express. It is so obvious in their works that they are simply trying to make themselves known, and that they would like to announce to the whole world that they know a lot or that what they know is new and different from all the rest!

Well, those are not really bad intentions, but it's just that I am really wondering if they could not do better than what they are doing in their writings. Are there no better intentions than those of the self-serving ones?


It is every writer's obligation to feel other people's feelings. It would never be enough for a writer to simply listen to the minds of the people they encounter everywhere, no matter how loud the thoughts they hear from these different minds.

The heart speaks differently. It has a language that no mind would ever understand forever. It is a language that is only understood by another heart that is open to words that not only the mind could utter and understand. It is a language that is understood by a heart that breathes humility and passion for understanding.


One of the most brilliant writers that I admire so much is (or are) the writer (or writers) of the fourth Gospel in the Sacred Scriptures! It is so admirable how he (they) was (were) able to use his (their) metaphors sparingly without alienating his (their) potential readers with his (their) work. Isn't that really great?

If there is one sad reason why John is not easily understood by modern readers is because they put their own interpretations to his writings and neglect to contextualize his language in his era. This is also the main reason why a lot of people read a lot of works and are left more confused instead of enlightened, more boastful instead of humble(d), more intelligent instead of wise.

Well, no doubt why the Bible remains as the bestseller of all times!


Ating "Mal a aldo" (maleldo) kasi tutu ngang "mal" at banal ing miliari at ing midaun qng "maleldo." Pero ngening panaun a ini, e cu balung sabian nung "mal" la pa mu rin ding aldo para caring taung magmasusi careti. Qng acaquit cu, balamu maguing mura nia mu uling dacal na mali qng maguing capagmasusian da ring tau qng maleldo a dapat sana sucat yang mal at banal ing maguing panlalaue at pamagmasusi caniti.

Canong na iata ning "Muraldo," ne?


Baquet caia cang Maria Magdalena ia minunang pepaquit ing Guinung sinubling mebie? Uli uaring balu nang Jesus a mas madaldal at ma-tsismis la ring babai quesa caring lalaqui nun inia iang pinili nang munang magdala qng pecamasanting diling balita ning caligtasan?


Maliban qng Indu na ning mengabus, i Maria Magdalena iang minunang mica-masiring nasang aquit ne ing Guinu, mete ia man o mabie. At i Maria Magdalena iang minunang mica-sican a lub a munta qng cutcutan ban dalaua' ne ing caiang Guinu at Maestro sumangid na ning panganib a maliaring aquit de ring Judio. Uling i Maria Magdalena iang minunang diling mignasang isicap ne ing Guinu na nung sacali mang quinua re ini at nasa re pang ibalic. Deti ring sangcan nung baquet ing Guinung sinubling mebie cang Maria Magdalena ne pigcalam ing privilegio a iang munang manaquit at acasabi na ban ipamalita caring caiang caiabe ing pamaniubli ng mebie ning carelang Guinu at Maestro. Iti ia ing sangcan nun baquet ing Santa Iglesia Catolica binansagan neng "Apostola Apostolorum" (ing apostol da ring apostoles) i Maria a tau Magdala... ing babaing minunang diling miatasang "magdala" qng pecamaulagang diling maiap a balita ning caligtasan para qng meto sicluban.

Ing metung pang posibling sangcan nun baquet i Jesus pinili nang qng metung a babaing calupa nang Maria Magdalena a caia munang paquit at maquipagsalita, ia pin mu naman mapaliari ing nasa na ning Cristo ing isundu na nong bayuan paglalaue ring tau canita caring babai at ipuauga na ing carelang maguing maulagang papil qng lipunan at maguing qng pisamban, anti na ning iti ing minuna na nang gueua ning Ibpa na canitang pinili ne ing metung a anac a babai Nazareth ban maguing Indu na ning caiang pacamalan a bugtung a Anac a magligtas qng meto quetauan, a ing lagyu na mu naman niting anac a babai, "Maria."


In this age of globalization and information technology, are we not also called to be like "Mary Magdalene"?

But still, it is our desires and our intentions that will be the determining factors if we will qualify to fulfill the role of Mary Magdalene in our present time. We need to purify first our desires and our intentions so we could be sure that our actions are fueled by nobility, humility, and passion for understanding.

Understanding of what? Understanding of whether or not what we are going to proclaim is really what God wants us to proclaim... that it is truly "good news" that we will proclaim. Not our own interpretation or understanding of the "good news" but what God has commanded us to proclaim.


Qng panaun tamu ngeni, dacal no ring malaram a propeta a gagamit pa qng lagyu nang Cristo ban cumbinsian la ring dacal a tau qng maling caturuanan tungcul qng nanu ia talaga ing buring sabian ning at nung nanu ia talaga ing dapat a paniualan dang "maiap a balita" da ring tau.

Maralas mung damdaman caring magbiasa-biasang propetang a reni ing atiu canu qng secta ra ing tune iglesia at ing tune caligtasan qng secta dia mu canu atabmuan. Caibat magumpisa nong taladtad qng miaialiuang capitulo at versiculo ning Banal a Casulatan a balamu mo uari acasabi de ing Apung Guinu at ing Cristo calupa da ri Moises at ding miaialiua pang propeta canita potang italadtad da la ring dacal a capitulo at versiculo qng Banal a Casulatan.

Umpisan da no canitang dinan interpritasiun ding teladtad dang capitulo at versiculo agpang nung macananu dong aintindian at e nung macananu lang sucat at dapat intinidian. Damput queni, damput carin ing gagauan dang istilu na ning pamaglualu ra qng carelang punto de vista qng Banal a Casulatan at nung macananung ing secta ra ia mung bucud tune iglesiang tinatag ning Cristo. At nung ica, metung ca mung ordianariung memariu ning Tralala o Timbuktu, e malaut ing saguli aiagiag da ca't aianad maqui-agum qng carelang secta.

Caibat na nita, gamitan do ring a-converti da ban patutu qng caiapa' na ning Dios a aranasan damu canu qng sectang a ini a e ra aranasan o iquit qng dati rang religiun.

Uling uari carin masala, carin me dapat panintunan ing abating mu aguiang e me man carin abating? Nung abating que ing lima cung pesus qng Sitiu Pulung Quendi, sucat que pa uaring panintunan qng Sitiu Paralaia uling caring masala at masaia at madalumdum naman qng Sitiu nung nucarin que abating ing auala co?

E maragul a picalian ita? Camuritan ia man siguru at metung a caministilan qng "panintunan"!


On the other side of the coin, though, a lot of leaders from this religion are also greatly to be blamed why a lot of their sheep are going to the other side of the fence. For if a sheep feels his shepherd is not taking good care of him, it would really compel him to consider and decide on other options available to him, regardless already if or not these options are God's options for his soul's nourishment.


Ing metung a cutang caniting pisasabian ia pin mu naman iti: Canitang dening me-converti carening sectang a reni atiu la pa qng bacud na ning carelang religiun, nanung gueua rang pamidaque, pamaquibalu, at pamangguniat ban abalu re ing "catutuan" a carelang pagnasan para qng carelang caladuang magdulap qng tune Iglesia? Ing carela caiang actibung partisipasiun a babie ra qng baiung lipatan dang secta binie ra iniang atiu la pa qng religiun a licuan da na mu cabud e la man sana mignasang gumuniat ban aquilala re ing carelang acaguisnan a casalpantaianan?

E ta nia mu cabud aiasa ing sablang dacal a obra qng pisamban a queragulan tamu at minunang miniese at miubug quecatamu qng quecatamung casalpantaianan. Cailangan tamu mu namang gumuniat at ibie ing daque tamu ban pasulungan ing casalpantaianan tamung tune ping tinatag na ning Cristo.


E ia lumaut ing pisasabian a ini qng situasiun na ning quecatamung politica ngening casalucuian. Tutu lang dacal ding sumabi at mangacu qng banua't iatu ban itamu macumbinsi tamung ibotu la at ipagcatiuala carela ing pananungculan, pamagsilbi, at pamanese qng quecatamung carapatan, capaquinabangnan, at quinabucasan.

Dapot macananu tamung abalu nung ninu carela ing dapat pagcatiualan? Macananu tamung tune acquit nung ninu carela ing dapat tang paniualan?

Qng puliticang misna qng dinat at deuacan a nung nucarin ing capamiraitnan pane iang metung caring batas na ning pialung da ring maiupaia at atinan, macananu tamu ping magtiuala caring taung magpasiang maquiraque qng anti caniting sugal na ning capalaran?

Ing pecamasaquit a daque na niting sugal ia pin ini: ing quinabucasan tamu iang macataia at macasalale caring mangarinat a puliticung susugal para qng pansarili dang capaquinabangnan!

[About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.]

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