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abel d soto
abel soto

E na balang timan
mie yang cabaldugan
qng pusung magdulap
metung a paninap.

Dapot ya'ning ditac
a tima'ning anac
babie yang ligaya
a alang capara.

Agyu neng abagbag
at tune atibag
ing masias a pusu
a sinucul ning yatu.

Capara ne leguan,
sampaga qng parang,
macanian mu naman
ing matimias a bulan.

Potang na'ng ing sabla
mengupas, sinaua,
iti na mung timan
yang bucud mitagan.

At ing capanayan
potang ya'ng lalamlam,
qng tima'ning anac
carin ta' misapuac.


(for my youngest friend and his mom, Hira)

...at innocence,
...at childhood,
...at a life
that has
finally found
the beginning
of its story...
in a heart,
his heart,
where he is:
at peace
with silence
and serenity;
at one with
hope and joy
and sincerity...
knowing not
when he would
stop smiling,
really smiling
the smile of which
no essence
and beauty would
capture in
its depth's deepness
that makes...
a Kenji's smile
... at his own

[About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.]

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