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abel d soto
abel soto C-hrist, she allowed
      to guide her and to triumph
      in her life and leadership.
C-haracter resiliency, she transformed
      into virtue and a lasting legacy
      more than just a fleeting quality.
C-ourage, she never lost
      in all her struggles and battles
      she has to hurdle for the betterment of the majority.
C-aritas, she mastered and used
      as her weapon to lead
      a country beset by tyranny

O-ptimism, she never lost
      no matter what, no matter when.
O-penness, she practiced with sincerity and humility
      and with unceasing grace and gladness.
O-thers-centered, she always was in her life
      as a leader, as a mother, and as wife.
O-ra et labora, she exemplified
      with dignity, nobility and sanctity in all her endeavors.

R-espect, she never lacked
      for freedom, for peace, and for the sanctity of life.
R-eformation, she established, entrenched, and enshrined
      in the heart of Philippine democracy.
R-esponsiveness, she continually displayed
      in her political, personal, and family undertakings.
R-edemptoris missio, she kept in her heart
      and made it her mission, too.

Y-ielding, she always was
      to the voice of the people and to the voice of God.
Y-earning, she always was
      for the voice of the people and for the voice of God.
Y-elping, she always was
      the voice of the people and the voice of God.
Y-ahweh, made her truly a part
      of His voice and the voice of His people.

[About the author. Abel D. Soto took up his certificatory double major course in Creative Writing and Performing Arts at Centre for Arts Foundation, Inc. in Quezon City. He also finished the Managing the Arts Program at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. He is a resident of Bacolor, Pampanga.]

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