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Maniago at work in his studio Maniago at work in his studio

rafael maniago RAFAEL "PAENG" Maniago is a native of Masamat, Mexico, Pampanga. He studied Arts and Advertising at the University of the East in Manila and ran his own gallery in the Philippines for 20 years before leaving for the US in 1989 to pursue his passion for learning.

A patient man with a keen eye for perfection and color, Maniago has painted over 1,000 portraits: many were of Philippine leaders in commerce, industry, and politics. He strives to capture not only the physical likeness but moreso "the inner life" of the characters he portraits. There is always a feeling of passion and intense dedication in the vivid colors of a Maniago painting.

Maniago now teaches and paints outdoors day after day. He currently conducts art workshops throughout Southern California. His elegant style can be seen in his works of art and in the way his students are inspired by his creative direction. He is a member of Portrait Society of America, American Society of Portrait Artists, California Art Club, and Laguna Plain Air Painter Association.


Name: Rafael Maniago

Birthdate: September 12, 1944

Birthplace: Masamat, Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines

City/Town currently based in: 10028 Park St Bellflower CA USA

Primary art: Painting

Artshows/Awards/Affiliations: "One Man Show" Gallery Blue, Makati; "Grand Prize" Paramount Traditional Art; "First Place" San Gabriel Art Association; "Certificate of Appreciation" Philippine Consolate General USA; Member of Portrait Society of America, American Society of Portrait Artists, California Art Club, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, Art Association of the Philippines, and Southern California Plein Air Painters Association.

Email: rafaelmaniago@yahoo.com

Webpage: http://www.rafaelmaniago.com


1. Describe your art and describe yourself as an artist.

Ing gagawan cung arti yapin itang ayintindyan da reng macapadurut a tawu canacu, lilicas cu keng piyakitan ing lelangan nang naturalesa ning Dios king kule ning pintura at macarimang bersu ning amanung siswan.

Ing ena apalwal a panamdam ning pusu cu keng pintura, papalwal cu keng powesya.

2. When and how did you discover art? Who or what made you want to be in the arts?

Sabi nang Ima cu inyang mibayit cu gugulis na cu at gagale na cung tangung "wa, wa, wa..."

Menibat keng Apung Ginu ing regalung atyu cacu anya ibabalic cu careng tawung cawangis na.

3. Complete the following sentences:

-a) Art is... Neng atin yang lambingan ing pamicalugud, king kimut at king porma na bunga ning pamaglalang, arti ya.

-b) Art is not... Neng melalang yang e ya serya, eya arti para cacu.

4. How does art come to you? Where do you get your best ideas?

Neng lilipo ya ing diwa cu ning magdeliryung limpungatan. Matulid a sabi titibuc ne ning pusu at caladwa daratang yang manibat caring malugud a macapadurut canacu.

5. What is, thus far, your proudest moment as an artist?

Neng miraras at mipayabut ing mensayi cu careng caluguran cu at malugud canacu.

6. Is there such a thing as Kapampangan art? If so, what is Kapampangan art to you, or more precisely, what do you think makes art Kapampangan?

Ing Calalangan Capampangan ya pin itang bunga ring miyayaliwang impluwensya ning macapadurut keya manibat pa king samula. Mayayakit ya king kimut, porma, pamisip, at tatalacaran nang prensipyu.

Antimo keng pamaglutu, careng parul, deng artista na keng palage, pamandukit, pamagpinta, lalu keng pamamiblas.

7. What should be the role of an artist in this day and age?

Maglalang ya king capakinabangan ning parang memalen. Misawup-sawup king pamag-preserba ning Culturang Capampangan.

Maniago in the sun Maniago in the sun
Laling with Tito Paeng (Maniago) Laling with Tito Paeng (Maniago)
Yellow Tricycle Yellow Tricycle
On My Way To Pampanga On My Way To Pampanga
On My Way Home On My Way Home
Planting Rice I Planting Rice I
Planting Rice II Planting Rice II
Asul Bangka Asul Bangka
Flowers In Basket Flowers In Basket
Gondolas Gondolas
White Bridge White Bridge
By The Bridge By The Bridge
Corono Del Mar Corono Del Mar
Blue Sea Blue Sea
Rocks Rocks
Garden Bench Garden Bench
Bamboo Bamboo
Bananas I Bananas I
Bananas II Bananas II
Bananas III Bananas III
In The Nude In The Nude
Igorot Lady Igorot Lady
Singkil Dancer Singkil Dancer
Two Singkil Dancers Two Singkil Dancers
Singkil Princess Singkil Princess
Tiboli Maiden Tiboli Maiden
Young Tiboli Girl Young Tiboli Girl

[About Siningag. Siningag is yet another eK! coinage, a contraction of the words "Sining," which is pinoy for art, and "Sinangag," the popular pinoy breakfast staple, otherwise known as garlic fried rice. Siningag is quite simply our own small way of bringing "Kapampangan art" (if there is such a thing) to the rest of the world—stir-fried, piping hot, and fresh from the kitchen.]

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