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christine c. salas
christine c salas I'VE SEEN it on TV, heard about it on the radio, and read about it so many times on the paper. Will there be another EDSA installment this year? I am partly happy because, at least, I can attend the street parties and print foul words on my shirt, just for the heck of it. But on second thought, I can probably pass this one up—there's surely going to be another one in a few years or so anyway.

I was just three years old when the first EDSA rave party happened. I'm spared of the patriotic guilt of not going then because, hey, I was just three years old and had just started to learn picking my nose! The second one, dubbed EDSA Dos, was actually my first encounter of the call to rally. I was in college then, and the university approved the release of all its buses to transport students and employees to the scene. I didn't go, but one of my close friends did. She was all too happy to be a part of the rally. According to her, it was a role she needed to take on, as a citizen of the country.

And so they went, a bus-ful of them classmates. They were all too happy to skip class and go on a historical field trip. Well, in fairness to one of my close friends, she went to really join the fervor. While I just didn't get the logic of it, and so I stayed behind and slept all day.

I sort of witnessed how EDSA Dos worked, courtesy of that friend's hour-long chikka: They got to EDSA past lunch time, were fed Zesto juice in doy packs, ensaymada, and some butong-pakwan in between; she almost lost her phone, blah, blah, blah, and so on to "may anghit yung katabi ko sa rally!" I sneered at her comment and vowed never to join in any form of rally—not even the Alay Lakad!

And so based on my gathered stories, research, and my Mom's testimony, here's how you may sense the latest EDSA rally installment:

1. The media cover all the hearings and even interrupt their regular programming to feed us details. The newspapers even have a "this just in" pitch.

2. Cory Aquino organizes a Holy Mass and prepares a post-mass speech with an emotional appeal.

3. Students all over the country join in the rave; although they regret skipping class, they feel they have an obligation to the country. Sense the sincerity during an interview.

4. Sailboats, earthworms, kites or any paper craft are new media to send your message. Just make sure it gets "there."

5. A group of unidentified criminals spreads news of abduction or body mutilation (insert more heinous crime of preference here) to divert the public's attention. Refer to number 1 as to media's role.

6. A rally of some sort is staged to unify the various religions in the country. And I think it's going to be called an "inter-faith rally."

7. The media prepares a one hour special to rekindle the fires of previous EDSA rallies. But there's a flood of sponsors, so all we ever see are 15-minute commercial breaks. If ever it happens any time soon, here's my two cents: Make sure that you get your photo taken for an EDSA commemorative coffee book, just like my friend did. She was all heart and soul in going to the rally and was quite proud of her contributions.

But if you're like my friend, make sure that when I borrow an EDSA commemorative book from the library a year after I won't recognize you in one of the photos with your mouth wide open and your right hand clutching a piece of free meryenda.

Happy rallying!

[About the author. Christine C. Salas graduated AB Mass Communication at the Angeles University Foundation. At 23, she has already been a college instructor, an English tutor, a periodic writer, a compulsive photographer, a university-based publication editor, and a radio station manager. She is currently an amateur mom (and bum), looking for a "lucrative way to pay back her Maker—creative or otherwise."]

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Concerned Individual (concerned...@ of USA) writes...

I think these rallies are absurd. I think one is enough. A second one, a third one, it becomes ridiculous.

What is more ridiculous is that it seems every darn president has to be impeached or at least go through a threat of being impeached. What a waste!!

If there's a rally about Family Planning, then I might even donate money. What these Filipinos need to do is stop making babies up the yingyang. These people has got to think of their basic future - what am I going to feed my babies???? If there's anyone (politician, athlete, doctor, etc.) who will champion Family Planning in this country, then I'll donate my time and money. Anything less, it's a waste!!

-Posted/Via Email: 2008-03-25 10:05:28 PDT

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