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christine c. salas
christine c salas WHAT MAKES makes us distinct as humans is our ability to communicate. But, let me just add one thing more. More than communication, we have the capacity to believe.

I believe in the power of inter-relationships. But, it is most comfortable to deal with others if you believe in yourself first.

Yourself. Believe in forgiving. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and learn from them. Reward yourself of life's little treats, you deserve it—once in a great while. By the time you realize you should've done this, it may be a little late. You can't turn back time.

Time. Respect time, enjoy it and pay courtesy to other people's time. Don't set your wristwatches ten minutes ahead of time. You cannot trick it, or outsmart it. Realize that the Earth rotates in its axis and revolves around the sun exactly as it does everyday. That makes each day 24 hours, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

You don't lack time, that's a lame excuse for procrastinating. Managing time is the key.

Manage. It's not a sin if you live in the moment. It's just that, try to think a little farther every day. Picture yourself in a few week's time and work hard for the things you need to see that self you pictured a week ago.

Picture. Do not ever throw away pictures. These are solid artifacts for the next civilization's diggings. You can't touch relationships, but you can always look at pictures to remind yourself of all the nicest things that went with that photo shoot.

Nicest. Try to do something nice every day. Hand that teller a piece of candy, compliment your boss on that blouse she's donning, ask someone how one is doing, write a little something for your loved one.

And mean it.

Mean. Do not be mean to others—even if they are at the wrong end of the argument. That teller I told you about (whom you just handed a piece of sweet)? She may have been bitchy at the bank this morning, but you'll never know... she just might've caught her husband gallivanting last night. Be thankful yours isn't.

Thankful. Appreciate the littlest of things. This blog may be senseless for you at the moment, but have you ever thought about people who aren't able to read, or write, or see? Learn how to count your blessings, even the minutest of one. They're little, but they're still blessings.

Blessings. Take everything and everyone as a blessing. There is a reason why "the maker" introduced you to a stranger, or handed you a conflict. You'll know the plan after the execution, life's a lesson as they say. You learn it when you're through.

And take this blog entry as one. Believe me

[About the author. Christine C. Salas graduated AB Mass Communication at the Angeles University Foundation. At 23, she has already been a college instructor, an English tutor, a periodic writer, a compulsive photographer, a university-based publication editor, and a radio station manager. She is currently an amateur mom (and bum), looking for a "lucrative way to pay back her Maker—creative or otherwise."]

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