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rosendo m. makabali
rosendo m makabali COMMENDABLE—are the passion and audacity of kabalens of ours to keep in circulation Kapampangan arts, culture, and life via various channels and forms accessible in cyberspace (blogs, ezines, videos).

Just like what every eK! columnist does—investing passion and audacity to prop up his or her contribution to Kapampanganiana—here and now, on our humble web journal.

Surely there are differences of opinion that always crop up (as in any other conversation) out of each one's pursuit or promotion of tradition or orientation, and his or her chosen or innate expression of these.

Any thing or idea that individuals hold to be essential or crucial to securely and serenely live one's own life, or to give meaning to it, deserves, or more rather naturally enforces ventilation.

The air we breathe nurtures and sustains us. All the moreso—if one can and will confidently and rejoicingly breathe it, as freely as it comes to everyone, alongside another who can and will likewise, simply, affirm there are others breathing.

Let there always be communion of peace and power to all.

[About the author. Rosendo M. Makabali is literary editor of , a website dedicated to new underground guerrilla exploratory art + literature in the new medium. He has published poetry in several Philippine print magazines and online in spreadhead.net and . A few of his poems appear in Slam the Body Politik, the Revolutionary Multi-Arts, Multi-Media CD ROM released in 2004 by the Australia-based . A chapbook of his, Last Words and Other Poems, came out in 2005, as a grant under the UBOD New Authors Series project of the National Committee on Literary Arts (2001-2004) of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.]

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