eK! is electronic Kabalen, a web-exclusive Kapampangan journal of ideas

what the eK!
eK! is electronic Kabalen, a web-exclusive Kapampangan journal of ideas. It addresses itself to the local and global kabalen and to readers all over the world who share an affinity for and an interest in pinoy culture, art, society, history, politics, and Kapampanganiana.

eK! is an attempt to reflect in words and images more fully and vividly the variety and vitality of what constitutes the current Kapampangan state of mind by providing an open venue for the most compelling visions and voices in the Kapampangan planet today. It is, in this sense, a standing invitation to the best Kapampangan minds of this generation.

Founded on 6 January 2007, eK! is published exclusively on the world wide web.

Editor-in-Chief: Rosendo M. Makabali
Kapampangan Editor: Papa Osmubal
Founder-in-Memoriam: Titus Toledo

Columnists (in alphabetical order): Minerva Zamora Arceo, Joan Ariete, Marcial Tayag Caniones, Nenette De Dios Capulong, Joanna Carlos, Oliver S. Carlos, Alex R. Castro, Elmer Gozun Cato, Wilfrido David, Jose Angeles 'Jad' Dayrit, Christopher G. Dela Cruz, JC Gaillard, Caesar 'Bong' Z. Lacson, Jose Roman Reyes Laquian, Jason Paul C. Laxamana, Edd Borromeo Leal, Rosendo M. Makabali, Joel Pabustan Mallari, John S. Manalili, Joana Marie R. Morales, Pio Rafael T. Nepomuceno, Papa Osmubal, Arlan Veras Payad, Rox Peña, Tony Mercado Peña, Susan T. Pineda, Wawo F Punzalan, Christine C Salas, Edgar Macasaet Salas, Luciano PR Santiago, Erlinda B. Sialongo, Paterno 'Jun' C. Sibug, Abel D. Soto, Aida Tanglao, Titus Toledo, Tec Sanchez-Tolosa, J Reylan Bustos Viray, Imelda Cruz-Wood, Cecile Santos Yumul.

eKtymology: about where the name eK! might have come from.

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eK! c/o 13-18A Avocado St, Trinidad Village, Angeles City 2009 Philippines
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Contact Rosendo M Makabali
Mobile: 0919-317-1164/ 0915-514-2125
Landline: +63(045) 459-0017

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frequently asked questions
Here is our initial list of frequently asked questions you may also want to know the answers to. If you happen to have other questions for eK! not found on this list, please feel free to email us anytime. We will be adding to this list by and by.

1. Why eK!?
Why Yahoo? Why Google? Why Wiki? Why not?

3. What comprises your readership? Who, in a word, is the eK! reader?
You (since you've obviously read this far).

4. Is eK! leftist or rightist?
eK! is whatever gets the job done Most jobs, however, require no hands at all.

5. Does eK! endorse candidates?
No. Contributing columnists may, however, take positions on certain issues and certain candidates but those positions are entirely theirs and are not necessarily shared by eK! or its editors.

7. Why is eK! web-exclusive?
Because eK! is published only on the internet and only with the widest potential reach and the largest potential readership in mind.

8. Do you pay for article contributions?
Not until somebody leaves us a sizable inheritance. Or: until we start selling off our content, about which we don't intend to.
We do not and will not charge for admission. There will be no password-protected login forms or paid subscribers-only sections.
eK! is a free site and will remain a free site for the life of it.

9. You call yourself electronic Kabalen, we see what's electronic but where is Kabalen?
That is one of the mysteries of the universe we hope you can help us eK!(e) out.

10. You call yourself electronic Kabalen but most of your content is in English?
Akmul me ing aldo. Daias me ing bulan. Ania maliap ia ing dalag uling dalag ia. Contributors may write in whatever medium is convenient and expedient at the moment of inspiration: English or Carabao-English, Pilipino or Pilit-pino, Kapampangan or Kapangan. They may also choose to write in Engkalog (or English-Kapampangan-Tagalog), which is a kind of hybrid fusion-writing that combines the best of our trilingual culture.

11. You call yourself electronic Kabalen, should it not be electronic Cabalen?
Kabalen, Cabalen, or Qabalen. It's all the same rock 'n' roll.

12. Will you sell your mailinglist for a cool million?

13. Will you sell your mailinglist for two million?

14. Will you sell your mailinglist for five million?
Dollar or Peso?