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DEAR FRIEND & Kabalen:

Greetings from eK!

If we haven't been rattling your inbox lately with your usual dose of email updates from eksite.com (http://eksite.com), it is not because eK! is dead.

It is not because this 700-day-plus-old experiment in online independent citizen journalism has given up the Kapampangan ghost.

It is not because we're done trying to split the Kapampangan atom.

It is not because we've finally sobered up and decided to settle for something simpler, saner, and safer--- or something infinitely more profitable and financially sound, like: selling v1@gr.a online or putting up a Kapampangan porn site.

If we've been awfully silent lately, it is only this: We are, or so we are told, currently in the process of moving our "growing" subscriber base to a better and hopefully more reliable mailinglist-service, courtesy of googlegroups and aptly called "The eK! Reader"

Now in order to do that, we have two options available:
1) We can "directly add" our existing list of emails (collected since day 1 from both visitor referrals and straight from our web-based subscription form) and "go our merry way."


2) We can send out an invitation to our existing list of emails and start all over again.
Long story short, we've decided on #2.

We've decided on starting out with a clean slate, so to speak, and asking you yet again for your permission, just to be sure that— good times for a change— we don't end up being thrown away like a lot of fake hiltons and bulk-mail britneys. We've decided on inviting you yet again to subscribe, just to be sure only those who really want "The eK! Reader" receive "The eK! Reader"

This time.

And what does a subscriber to "The eK! Reader" get for subscribing?

Nothing much, really. Apart from the welcome intrusion of an occasional emailer from eksite.com about what's new in the Kapampangan planet and what's cooking on eK!, a lot Kapampangan love, peace, and power— and not to forget, a family-size dakal pung salamat, abe.

Dakal pung salamat, abe.

Mislag ka,

The Editors
eK! - electronic Kabalen | http://eksite.com

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[About eK! Mailer. You are receiving this email because it is hotly presumed that you would be interested in receiving it. If you think this is a mistake, please reply to this message with the subject line "unsubscribe" or simply flag it down as spam. But this is not spam. This is Mahling.]

-Posted: 7:00 PM 12/22/08

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