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WHAT'S NEW with our 600-day-plus experiment?

screenshot from eK! 2007 Believe it or not, readers who only now  visited eK! seem to find our columns since Day One still, well - New! (Get their feel from among the entries at our blog[ganisa])

Indeed, our cyberspace journal's mix of enlightening and engaging and soul-nourishing ideas of what ticks in, clicks for, or even piques the Kapampangan is drawing a growing following of kabalens, kapamilyas, and kapusus worldwide.

Congrats! to eK! pioneer year writers: Marcial Caniones (writing from Pampanga), Alex Castro (Makati), Elmer Cato (New York), Jose Angeles Dayrit (Pampanga), Jason Paul Laxamana (Pampanga), Rosendo Makabali (Pampanga), Papa Osmubal (Macau), Susan Pineda (Pampanga), Christine Salas (Pampanga), Tec Sanchez-Tolosa (Pampanga), Luciano PR Santiago (Metro Manila), Erlinda Sialongo (Pampanga), Aida Tanglao (California), Titus Toledo (Pampanga), J. Reylan Bustos Viray (Manila), and Cecile Yumul (Pampanga).

Congrats and welcome! to columnists and poets who have joined eK! this year (so far): Nenette Capulung (contributing from Denver), Bong Lacson (Pampanga), Rox Peña (Pampanga), Jun Sibug (Chicago), and Abel Soto (Pampanga).

To Caniones, Osmubal, Tanglao, and Yumul, who, along with the new crop, copiously turned in new writing that make eK!'s current-season homepage a bountiful harvest of Kapampangan culture, arts, society, history, politics and life: Bravo!

Certainly, the rest of us in the founding year batch are poised to pitch in soon with fresh articles to sustain the newness and newsiness of our journal.

To everyone in the eK! commune: Let us keep aflame eK!'s torch with the bold sparks that ignited our first columns and that committed our writing to the shining and spreading of the Kapampangan state of mind!

Peace and power,

Rosendo M. Makabali
Editor in Chief

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-Posted: 7:00 AM 9/18/08

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