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FRIEND, KABALEN, to whom it may concern:

Thank you very much for visiting eK! Thank you very much for spreading the word about eK!

In case you haven't noticed, eK! just turned one month old last February 6. Time flies, adapen. So: where has this little experiment taken us, so far? Let us see...

So far, at least last time we checked, we're still alive: Proof of life: You're here, right now, alive and reading this— right?

So far, we're no longer quite alone in this: Count in Linny Sialongo, consummate academic and literary critic; Alex Castro, author and advertising guru; the New York-based Kapampangan journalist-turned-diplomat Elmer Cato of the United Nations; artist Papa Osmubal (aka Oscar Balajadia) of Macao; the prolific writer and veteran newspaper columnist Jad Dayrit; the feminist and social activist Susan Pineda...

So far, more help is on the way (or so we have reason to believe). Consider this equally delectable list of authors, artists, academics, activists and advocates of Kapampangan culture-- all of whom have already, more or less, expressed interest to jam in and share in the chore and each of whom may be coming soon to an eksite near you:
-Peter Alagos
-Andy Alviz
-Randy David
-Dino Doliente
-Josmin Due
-Ethel Galang
-Eric Jimenez
-Rock Jose
-Eduardo Leal
-Sedfrey Manabat
-Rafael Maniago
-Siuala ding Meangubie
-Erick Mosuela
-Marc Nepomuceno
-Edgardo Sibug
-Redg Salas-Szal
-Tec Sanchez-Tolosa
-Carlo Ventura
-Joseph Reylan Viray
-Ces Yumul...
Which so far brings us to the best part of this report just yet: You-- and some 16,267 other eK! subscribers, as of this writing-- friends and fellow kabalens who have elected to be in this list and who are also probably reading this exact same letter at this exact same moment. Probably.

Incidentally 16,267 is really small beer by web standards. 16,267 is only roughly the size of Bacolor town in the post-Pinatubo era. Imagine that.

So: where has this little experiment taken us, so far? All things being equal, so far so good. Which confirms what we've only suspected all along-- that, yes, the Kapampangan has, indeed, come of electronic age.

In case you're wondering, here's a geographic rundown of just where some of our visitors are homing from: Philippines, 63.3%; United States, 22.7%; Australia, 2.8%; Canada, 1.9%; France, 1.5%; Saudi Arabia, 0.8%; Macau S.A.R., 0.6%, Brazil, 0.5%; India, 0.5%; Germany, 0.5%; Hong Kong S.A.R., 0.3%; United Kingdom, 0.3%; Korea, 0.3%; Turkey, 0.2%; Japan, 0.2%; Taiwan, 0.2%; Romania, 0.2%; Mexico, 0.2%; Poland, 0.2%; Spain 0.2%; Netherlands, The, 0.2%; Finland, 0.2%; Austria, 0.2%; Denmark, 0.2%; Indonesia, 0.1%; Portugal, 0.1%; Greece, 0.1%; China, 0.1%; Guatemala, 0.1%; Lithuania, 0.1%; Italy, 0.1%; Colombia, 0.1%.

So there.

Again, we thank you, dear friend and kabalen, for your time, for your support, for your mighty fine taste.

Mislag ka,


A Self-Advertisement

Here's one for shameless self-advertising. Merely 10 days after our launch, we received a congratulatory note from CoolHomepages.com, the oldest and the largest "best web design" gallery online. The letter supposedly cited eK! "as an example of remarkable web site design" Lawen mu na neh...

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-Posted: 9:10 AM 2/25/07

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