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FRIEND, KABALEN, to whom it may concern:

support eK! In 2007, we launched a website as an experiment in citizen-based independent Kapampangan journalism. The idea was simple: To provide a free clearinghouse for new Kapampangan writing here and abroad. We called the experiment eK!, which is short for electronic Kabalen.

Years years later, what sort of started as a four-man gig has since evolved into a veritable commune for some of the most compelling visions and voices in the Kapampangan planet today.

Consider, if you will, our proud roster of contributing authors and artists, all of whom have found their works on the pages of eK!: Minerva Zamora Arceo, Joan Ariete, Marcial Tayag Caniones, Nenette De Dios Capulong, Oliver S Carlos, Alex R Castro, Elmer Gozun Cato, Wilfrido David, Jad Dayrit, Bong Z Lacson, Jose Roman Reyes Laquian, Jason Paul C Laxamana, Eduardo Borromeo Leal, Rosendo M Makabali, John S Manalili, Rafael Maniago, Pio Rafael T Nepomuceno, Papa Osumbal, Rox Peña, Tony Mercado Peña, Susan T Pineda, Wawo Punzalan, Christine C Salas, Edgar Macasaet Salas, Luciano PR Santiago, Erlinda B Sialongo, Paterno C Sibug Jr, Abel D Soto, Aida Tanglao, Titus Toledo, Tec Sanchez-Tolosa, Bobet Turqueza, J Reylan Bustos Viray, Imelda Cruz-Wood, Cecile S Yumul.

And not to mention the countless other friends and kabalens who make up our growing community of readers. (You can find out more about who we are and what we are by checking out where we're coming from: http://eksite.com.)

Be that as it may, as our tribe of writers grew so did our readers. And while our traffic may not be as big and as fat as Google's, it is no less a significant audience that continues to grow each day. Which appears to prove what we've long suspected: That the Kabalen has, indeed, come of electronic age.

Long story short, we have now come to a point where we needed to navigate not just a bigger boat but a better one, too—a kind of Kapampangan ark, if it comes to that. Which is the object of this letter.

We write you now to ask you for your help. We write you now to solicit your support. While we do not need much since eK! is mostly a labor of love (starting with our contributing columnists down to our editors), we do need more than what we can currently manage to scrimp and save in personal funds and pledges just to keep everything up and running.

If you can help us, or more importantly if you think we deserve your help, consider this our way of saying yes, we'd be happy and honored to have you as a sponsor. And yes, we'd be more than glad to acknowledge your support, starting with, say, an ad for your business on eK! for one whole year, as a token of our appreciation. For starters, how does P20 a day for a year of equal share ad exposure sound to you?

In the meantime, we can only appeal for your good graces and your goodwill. It is our hope that with your earnest sense of philanthropy we can all keep this small Kapampangan boat afloat, come hell or high water—to point the prow, to man the rudder, to sail the vessel eK! for many more years to come.

Let's make it happen.

Mislag ka,

The Editors
eK! - electronic Kabalen

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-Posted: 10:33 PM 5/15/11