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wilfrido david
wilfrido david HOW MANY of us have made good on our perennial New Year's resolutions?

I am willing to bet my bottom deflated dollar or my fluctuating peso that none of us are really serious at making resolutions—New Year's or whenever you feel it is long overdue.

Making a resolution is actually a promise to yourself—to change something in you to make you a better person, something that is self-fulfilling—and yet is relegated to the thrash bin or back burner as soon as the holiday frenzy is over.

It is, once again, placed on top of your To-Do List for next year.

You fail to realize that it is a promise unfulfilled, and yet you don't feel guilt enough to give you sleepless nights. It is not as uncompromising as a promise made to another person.

And so, it is safe to say, that resolutions are re-re-re-resolutions, promises that need not see fulfillment. They are made just for the sake of making resolutions. Nobody else knows anyway, except if it's your habit of broadcasting everything that you cannot keep to yourself. My New Year's resolution for this year is....

Isn't that typical? Indeed, it is and we tend to take it with a grain of salt.

Popular but empty promises are:

1. Quit smoking and/or drinking;

2. Give up my gambling;

3. Pay my debts;

4. Be civil to my mother-in-law;

5. Not be involved in my friend's lovers' quarrels;

6. Give up searching for Internet sexual trysts;

7. Give up my boy/girl friend (I am married or gay or both);

8. Keep secrets to myself (refrain from telling your best friend about her husband's affair/s);

9. Quit making sex videos of myself and my sexual partner (male or female);

10. Follow my diet and weigh myself everyweek;

11. Try not to look like my son or grandson by wearing oversized t-shirts and puruntong shorts over sneakers or baggy below-the-waist pants (Mahiya ka naman!);

12. Watch the news instead of local telenovelas (that'll at least make you aware of what's going on around you and not remain a tele-boob!);

13. Get that diamond ring you promised your wife years ago;

14. Give up my credit card/s;

15. Stop believing that Justice Corona is not pro-GMA;

16. Stop listening to Midas Marquez, spokesman and administrator of the Supreme Court;

17. Start sending pledges or donations to typhoon Sendong victims;

18. Give up Facebook and Twitter accounts (enough of friending and family photos);

19. Stop patronizing butchers that sell botcha (cheap but hazardous to your health);


You may add more on this list, you might just make good on it next year.

[About the author. Wilfrido David is a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1985. He is an avid news consumer, habitually tuned to global TV via satellite. In turn, he occasionally comes up with spiced up essays and anecdotes liberally sprinkled with his wry humor, at times irreverent, oftentimes as corny as corn-on-the-cob, but nontheless thought provoking. He thinks of himself as a "junior senior," a mature gentleman with very active brain cells but a waning testosterone count. He is an American citizen by necessity, not by choice, as he so aptly put it. He is as Kapampangan as sisig, no more, no less.]

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