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wilfrido david
wilfrido david THE TIME has come for GMA's minions to tremble in their shoes. The writing on the wall is becoming clearer by the day. Karma. In other words, "What goes around, comes around!" There are many ways of putting it, like "What goes up, must come down" or "You cannot have your cake and eat it, too!" More fittingly, "Tapos na ang maliligayang araw...."

Those who have mud in their faces had better start breaking their mirrors, because they cannot wash it off. Judgement day is coming. Nandyan na ang momo, magsitago na kayo! Kahit na magkukumpisal pa sila sa pari araw-araw, walang epekto ang ipapataw niyang parusa sa inyo. Sampung Hail Mary at sampung Our Father? Tanong ko lang, parusa ba ang pagdarasal? Come down to earth and prepare for the worst. It's time that their lawyers earned their keep.

With the influx of potential whistleblowers, like flies converging on something stinky, rotten, the sitting government should scrutinize their motives carefully lest it be accused of offering incentives to come forward. As it is, GMA's lawyers and political allies are already crying foul, coming up with the lame excuse that the current administration is out for revenge, that this is a ruse meant to deflect attention from President Noynoy's poor performance. Come on, is that the best you can do? Granted that the president is not doing that well, the opposition's seemingly pat remark leaves a poor taste in the mouth. If that is the only valid reason they can come up with, what is the government to to do? Wait until these cases die a natural death? That can only happen if we have someone like Merceditas Gutierrez as Ombudsman.

The time has simply come for retribution, for justice to be served to those it is due. Otherwise, we have no business criticising President Aquino's slogan "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!" If we let the government be robbed blind like the previous administration, don't expect something new! All we will see at the end of PNoy's tenure are friends and political allies becoming multi-millionaires. Or are we so inured with the old way, it has become our collective mindset? OMG....

Twelve years of a freewheeling administration, where every opportunity to get rich quick was too much of a temptation, like the proverbial carrot being dangled before the horse, avarice takes over and all caution is thrown to the wind. Strangely, though, most of these nouveau-riche families are those who faithfully go to mass every Sunday, not daring to neglect their religious duties. Remember, how Imelda Marcos used to go to Quiapo Church, walking on her knees towards the altar, within sight of all the other churchgoers, perchance for them to emulate?

Are we going to look the other way from all these:

The election frauds in 2004 and 2007. Koko Pimentel just trying to get back on his feet, without the help of Mig Zubiri. GMA given a new lease on life, thanks to Garcillano.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office funds used in GMA's election campaign? P150-million was supposed to go to the Intelligence Fund---anong akala ni Rosario Uriarte, walang inborn intelligence ang mga tao?

The Pagcor multi-billion Coffee Fund? Ho-hum, ano ba talaga ang nasa kapeng iyan? Sa palagay ko lang, mismong ang mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno ang pinamalakas magsugal at magpatalo sa mga casino ni Genuino? Well, call it what you like, but it's recycled ill-gotten puhunan.

The AFP generals' pabaon and pasalubongs. The late retired General Angelo Reyes' unlikely and untimely departure doused water on those investigations and they are yet to be revived; yes, like blowing air into a drowning victims' mouth and pumping the chest.

The purchase of two used "brandnew" helicopters bought from the Arroyos! Pinapaikot-ikot ang isip natin ng piloto-cum-inspector-cum agent, na parang elisi nang helicopter. Anong sabi nyo PO? Bahala na PO kayo sa FG!

The Hello Garci tapes. "I am sorry!" (Hikbi.) Kanino pinapatukoy ni GMA ito, kay Susan Roces Poe, o sa mga iba pang nadaya sa elections? FPJ is the first ever ex-ex would-be President, a rare title, indeed one for the Guinness book of records.

The aborted NBN-ZTE deal. Kuwarta na naging bato pa, salamat kay Jun Lozada. China has learned a hard lesson from this deal: Never, never give advance commissions. It's unrefundable. First time na lugi si Akong. Beh, buti nga!

GMA's six-year "extended" stay in Malacañang, instead of FPJ moving in? Should she be charged for back rent, with the corresponding interest? Patay, wala pala siyang damage deposit, ano ba 'yannn?

GMA's sons' numerous acquired properties during her term and unpaid taxes on them due the BIR? Why beef about paying back taxes when it's not your own money you are paying it with either? Just call it double jeopardy.

Those are but a few of unimaginable abuses committed during GMA's watch. You are free to do your own researches, and, perhaps, from there you can send PNoy some advice on how to run the government.

All things shall come to pass. Whatever befalls GMA is something that we can only speculate on. President Estrada was convicted of plunder and later pardoned after only several underwear changes. The Marcoses have regained their reputation (nobility?) without even trying and are once again ensconced in their former glory. They are able to put on a brave front, survive under their thick skin, and pretend that everything is alright in the world. Their comfort zone has narrowed down so much that it threatens to suffocate them. It must feel like a hangmans' noose being lowered down their necks, or a guillotine being set up for the final shave of their lives.

They still have to answer, with the advice of their lawyers notwithstanding, to a higher being. The only problem is, judgment day is predicted every year but never seems to come around.

Still, I am not biting my nails in nervous anticipation. Let's pin our hopes on the wheels of justice running much faster on the newly installed inflated radial tires instead of the wooden peg wheels that buckle down when it hits a stone.

[About the author. Wilfrido David is a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1985. He is an avid news consumer, habitually tuned to global TV via satellite. In turn, he occasionally comes up with spiced up essays and anecdotes liberally sprinkled with his wry humor, at times irreverent, oftentimes as corny as corn-on-the-cob, but nontheless thought provoking. He thinks of himself as a "junior senior," a mature gentleman with very active brain cells but a waning testosterone count. He is an American citizen by necessity, not by choice, as he so aptly put it. He is as Kapampangan as sisig, no more, no less.]

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