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wilfrido david
wilfrido david SO MUCH has been said about PNoy's SONA that it is time we settle down and mull over what he wanted to impart to his "bosses," of whom I am one! You are, too! As a boss, what would you have wanted him to do, or say?

Are you a demanding boss or an easygoing, complacent one or a plain hypocritical one who sees nothing good in what PNoy does?

As an employee, PNoy wanted to show us what he wants to do in order to earn our trust—his own way, not what everybody wants him to do, or he will be so confused in trying to please everyone of us, that he will lose his bearings. Although he might be beholden to us, it is our solemn duty to give him some leeway in going about his way. Let us at least give some meaning to the adage, "The world was not made in a day." God rested for only one day—relaxed, took it easy, recovered, and continued to work to create an ideal world, according to His Ten Commandments—and yet here we are living in a still imperfect world!

He is required to submit his progress report every year as his mandate requires him to. But he still has five years to prove his worth, and while we have every right to criticise, we should do so objectively. Like any other undertaking, there will be pitfalls, trials and tribulations along the way; at the end of his term, he will get what is due him—one or two thumbs up, or a strong kick (excuse the language) in the butt! His accomplishments (or lack of it) will be judged according to what you would have done if you were president. Let us give him a push instead of riding on his back.

He started off on the right foot, with honesty and integrity propping the overall make-up of government. Instead of a wang-wang calling your attention (and silently resenting it) that a powerful government official is passing by, you will hear a "Pasintabi po, makikiraan lang!" Basically, we would be going back to our old Filipino values (respect, courtesy, good manners and right conduct) and an appreciation for the blessings that we have. While these may not be the be-all and end-all of good governance, would you rather that he spend his free time in the government yacht drinking and playing cards with his friends and maintain his own private housing for his girlfriend(s)? The controversy over his sportscar, which he bought with his own money, is now moot; but merely to point out that we are sometimes too petty, we even bother with non-issues as his lack of will to quit smoking or his commitment to bachelorhood. Would you rather that he rig the next presidential elections to guarantee his next term? We cannot ignore the past in planning for the future, but one can only do that in the present. He may walk obliquely, brush his hair upwards, smile like he didn't mean it, raise his right shoulder when making a point, wipe his eyeglasses amidst a speech, or sometimes lose words in the teleprompter. He is a regular joe and that is one quality that we should see and appreciate in a president. Hindi naman siguro mabuti kung wala siyang kumpare o kaibigan, at nagluluhang magsosorry kapag may pagkukulang, pamimigay niya ang pera ng kaban sa mga kampon, cry: harrassment or foul, magpapa-ospital kapag iniimbistiga? PNoy is his own person, driving the presidential SUV (not Pajero or limousine) with the driver's license that we trustingly gave him. We should refrain from being backseat drivers. Let him drive, choose his own route or shortcuts, but by gosh, don't just jump out the door while the car is running. The bones you break may be your own.

How many times do we say "If i were in your place" while dispensing unsolicited advice to your friends amid an argument or debate with your friend? Chances are, you utter it all too easily, as if you were always right and he should listen to you. This is where friendships end or drift apart. In the back of our collective minds, we disregard the fact that our "employee" PNoy has his mind and he intends to use it.

In fact, you can do your own SONA, and then compare it with PNoy's. Pretend you are president. Do you agree with him that the sins of the past administration are best forgotten and that it is a waste of time in going after them? Back up your allegations with facts supported by witnesses who are now just coming out of the woodwork. Will you let culprits who have enriched themselves in office off the hook? Will you turn a deaf ear to the people's pleadings that punishment should be exacted unequivocally, and at the risk of sounding redundant, equally? Take up everything what PNoy has said in his SONA and give it your own touch. And then criticise it yourself.

So, if i were president doing a SONA, I would start by saying, "I am a man of few words. I will let you put your own words into my mouth, express your own thoughts, and listen to yourself. If you agree with what you said, fine—you see the nation according to your perspective. But don't feel bad if not everybody agrees with you, because that is what SONAs are all about."

Bye-bye, and a good wang-wang to you all.

[About the author. Wilfrido David is a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1985. He is an avid news consumer, habitually tuned to global TV via satellite. In turn, he occasionally comes up with spiced up essays and anecdotes liberally sprinkled with his wry humor, at times irreverent, oftentimes as corny as corn-on-the-cob, but nontheless thought provoking. He thinks of himself as a "junior senior," a mature gentleman with very active brain cells but a waning testosterone count. He is an American citizen by necessity, not by choice, as he so aptly put it. He is as Kapampangan as sisig, no more, no less.]

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