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wilfrido david
wilfrido david I FIND it fascinating that two families, living thousands of miles apart, across two continents, in two different cultures can lead parallel lives: the Aquinos and the Kennedys.

Both families have prominent roots: landed, moneyed, and influential. They have had their share of personal tragedies (assassinations, incurable illnesses, and, I might add, scandals).

Just as JFK and Edward Kennedy were shot to death, so was Benigno Aquino. Just as Cory Aquino died of cancer, so did Ted Kennedy. Just as the others in the Kennedy clan who were reluctant to continue with their political ventures, so was Noynoy Aquino.

The Kennedys have Caroline, who is a media darling, while the Aquinos have Kris.

Both families come from straight-laced, devout Catholics molded in the old school, who abide by their faith first and foremost. Both families firmly believe that their lives are in the hands of God, and so they literally carry the Bible in their hands as they lead their private, personal, and political lives.

They are loved, and hated as much. That is why they feel they must constantly keep a balance to get along with their lives in public view and in private. They are both thought of as good and bad (depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on).

But more importantly, they have moral integrity. Each their public record has not been tainted by scandals thrown their way. Both families desire nothing more than to help bring their nation to peace and prosperity—a derise which primarily emanates from family solidarity, deserving our wholehearted support and respect.

Noynoy is being pushed into the presidency, just as Ted Jr. is being groomed to fill his father Ted's vacated seat. I cannot help wondering what is in store for them.

We, as Filipinos, watch over the Aquinos, and across the continent, they, as Americans, watch over the Kennedys—as if the families were our very own. Their happiness and wellbeing are ours as well. Let us include them in our prayers.

[About the author. Wilfrido David first retired as Computer-Analyst from the Ayala Group of Companies. He immigrated to the US in 1985, worked there for another 25 years in the Medical Field (Medical Lab Tech), until he retired for the second time. Sometime ago, he was involved with FAANM (Filipino-American Association of New Mexico) as correspondent-contributor-writer-editor, publisher—all rolled into one. He says about that stint, "I ran out of energy, patience, and money but kept on with my duties until the next set of association officers were voted in." The earliest writing he did was for his high school paper in Holy Angel University. His present writing derives from the perspective of a Filipino expat in the US who faithfully keeps up with what's happening in the home country, as gleaned from his Filipino channels on DirecTV, aside from CNN and HLN.]

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