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wilfrido david
wilfrido david I THINK aloud and listen to what I have to say. Sometimes I disagree with myself but then decide to cool it and just keep quiet—it really is hard to deal with schizoprenia but I manage to stay on without being found out.


I used to have a blog on Yahoo! but soon decided to discontinue it as I didn't get the reaction I was looking for and, in the process, I found out with good reason that those who blog are read mostly by themselves.


How many of us think about death, and dread the thought at the same time? Life, for the most part, seems to be taken for granted until something happens to jumpstart our brains to remind us that LIFE after all is borrowed, much like a loan from the bank—earning interest, and payment on the principal depends on how you handle the whole transaction. Paying out a loan is like how we live our life. Did we make good use of the loan, and did we manage it responsibly towards paying it off? The Bank is so pleased it is willing to give you another loan.

Therein lies the difference. Unlike a loan, we are given only ONE life.

If we start thinking that eventually the loan becomes due sooner or later, we will live a meaningful and purposeful life, knowing that the Bank Manager, who in this case is GOD, will come to collect. Resorting to Bankruptcy (suicide?) is a step that Satan absolutely wants you to take.

Life is precious. We must live it like making good use of your Bank loan, and part of it is your willingness to pay it back, faithfully and religiously.

This little piece is influenced greatly by the current economic situation.

I think I should keep my thoughts to myself

[About the author. Wilfrido David first retired as Computer-Analyst from the Ayala Group of Companies. He immigrated to the US in 1985, worked there for another 25 years in the Medical Field (Medical Lab Tech), until he retired for the second time. Sometime ago, he was involved with FAANM (Filipino-American Association of New Mexico) as correspondent-contributor-writer-editor, publisher---all rolled into one. He says about that stint, "I ran out of energy, patience, and money but kept on with my duties until the next set of association officers were voted in." The earliest writing he did was for his high school paper in Holy Angel University. His present writing derives from the perspective of a Filipino expat in the US who faithfully keeps up with what's happening in the home country, as gleaned from his Filipino channels on DirecTV, aside from CNN and HLN.]

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