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marcial tayag caniones
marcial tayag caniones ISANG DATING security guard si Dudong ng Glorietta Mall. Siya rin ang asawa ni Inday (isang matalinong domestic helper sa isang foreign country).

Nais ni Dudong na maging PMAer. Di siya natuloy dahil sa kahirapan at nagpasyang mamasukan bilang isang security guard. Siya ay isang honor student mula Samar sa isang public science high school.

He does an extra job as a gardener/landscaper with the MMDA. Incidentally, he was cutting some of the ornamental garden bushes at the Manila Grandstand when the hostage-taking of Hong Kong tourists took place by an irate police officer who lost his job. Days after, a news reporter came back to the grandstand to interview people roaming around.

Radio reporter (R): "Bosing, nandito po ba kayo nung nagaganap ang hostage-taking?"

Dudong (D): "I was fixing my garden scissors after I finished answering all the crossword blocks of the Inquirer when I saw a bus moving to and fro in the middle of the grandstand. For a moment I thought the bus was having a mechanical problem."

R: "Wala po ba kayong napansin na parang may kakaibang kilos ang mga nakasakay dito?"

D: "How would I know? The bus curtains were lowered."

R: "Bakit po pala kayo nag-Iingles? Di po ba kayo marunong mag-Tagalog?"

D: "I am from Samar, Bisaya gyud ko. I have a heavy Visayan accent, so I prefer I speak English—would that be a problem?"

R: "Aa, aa, ah hindi po, ok lang po. Ako, sir, Tagalugin na lang kita ha?"

D: "That's ok, let's converse however it's most convenient for us both."

R: "So, sir, ano po ang ginawa 'nyo nung dumating ang mga pulis?"

D: "Nothing, I just continued with what I was doing, I don't usually get easily irked up even when police and reporters suddenly come stepping on and crushing the flowers I just planted days ago. You people in the media—well some if not most—even the uniformed men, you regard plants as if they are not living!"

R: "Haaa? Ano po?"

D: "It will take long lectures if I will answer you. Just think of Ondoy, the birds and the bees? What a Wonderful World? Armagedon? 2012? Global Warming?" (Nakangising parang asong mangangagat)

R: "Sorry, sir, I do not understand you, gusto ko lang pong magtanong sa inyo nung araw ng hostage drama. Yun lang po sana, sir, . . . sir?"

D: (A bit irritated) "Drama? You call what happened here—drama? Like in the soap operas???" (Voice getting louder) "It was a tragedy. People died, innocent lives, children and women died. It wasn't drama, it was bloody real!"

R: Sorry po. Sige, sir, mauna na po ako. Pasensya sa abala, manong, sir, bossing, chief!

D: Wait! Why are you afraid of me as if I was the criminal cop who indiscriminately shot the innocent tourists.

R: Kasi po baka magalit kayo at matusuk 'nyo ako sa hawak 'nyong gunting.

D: Hay, my countrymen; if only Rizal could move from his monument, he would let the Spaniards shoot you too by telling them that you are the founder of the Katipunan. You see, you ask me stupid questions or probably you know in your script what ordinary people would say when asked and that you just want something be published on your paper, like stories from the mind or thoughts of ordinary Pinoys on the unfortunate incident?

R: Parang ganoon nga po, sir.

D: See? I was right from the start. Anyways, what happened was a crime; I would even say an act of cowardice. Men with valor won't take innocent children and women as shields.

D: Second—why blame the government or the police when it was the hostage-taker who did something wrong in the first place. Please do not tell me that you sympathize with his cause when all of us—the public—do not even really know what is the real score on his criminal case with the Ombudsman.

D: Third—I wish all the people then who were watching the news, murmuring to themselves or shouting to each other or cursing the TV on what the police should have done, should be doing, should not have done—how I wish all of us were there . . . . The crisis might have been solved, well, with so many bright and intelligent minds around suggesting what to do best, nobody for sure could have died needlessly.

R: (Awed and silenced, just kept on nodding)

D: All of us suddenly became SWATs and commanders; my grandfather was kicking our sofa as if it was the bus door. He even went to his carpentry room and showed us a thick metal chain, while shouting, "Ganito ang gamitin 'nyo! Hindi lubid!" I got afraid when the SWAT started using a sledge hammer. My grandfather has one too, he might run and got it and would be too excited and hit the TV with it!

D: When the rain started to pour I went home. I know I should not have been there in the first place. I should be with my family instead.

R: (Nakatanga pa rin)

D: Those I pity most were the tourists. I feel most sorry for them and their relatives. Second, I felt our capacity to protect our own people and visitors as a Nation. I felt I too had the responsibility to do something. I made a stake on this government in the past election and I felt for the first time also shame of the reality and of what we need to do more in the future, not only about police matters, their training, capability, expertise—but so many things more. Substantial things to do more about so that our children will grow in a country were education is free, employment is abundant, environment protected, and housing is available, corruption is eradicated.

R: (Nag-iisip niyang sabihin, "And world peace?"—kaso takot)

R: (Kaya ang nasabi na lang niya) I see, sir.

D: What face do we have now to show the people of Hong Kong in particular? The Chinese people in general?

R: (Gusto 'nyang sabihin, "Pretty Face," just like Venus, yung 4th runner-up sa Miss Universe—kaso nga takot, hawak pa ni Dudong yung gunting)

D: What will happen and what might happen to our oppressed domestic helpers in Hong Kong? Our embassy should be ready to accommodate those who might be abused or might be vented anger upon.

R: (Sana di ko na lang in-interview ito. 'Ka asssar talaga, ang yabang! 'Kala mo kung sino . . . )

R: (Sumusinghot siguro ito ng rugby, no . . . ?)

D: And you, as a professional media practitioner, what do you think can you do to reverse our dwindling state of tourism and diplomatic ties with China?

R: (Tarantado 'to ah! Ako pa ngayon ang tinatanong?)

Assar na assssar na ang reporter, di na 'nya kaya ang kayabangan ni Dudong. Kaunti na lang, kaunti na lang . . . .

D: Can we not have the Local Government of Manila be investigated, too? Specifically, Mayor Lim?

Ayyyyun. Wala na! Nabaliw na rin ang reporter . . . .

R: This is a holdup! Give me your scissors! Kung hindi, sasaksakan kita ng ballpen ko! Ako ang nawawalang kapatid nung hostage-taker!!!

Si Dudong po, sa sobrang talino, labas-pasok po siya sa Mental


DISCLAIMER: Kung ano man po ang pagkakahawig ng kwentong ito sa mga nangayri, nangyayari o mangyayari sa totoong buhay, hindi po ito sinasadya ng sumulat.

Parang may bumubulong lang po sa kanyang mga boses upang maisulat ito. Promise po, hindi po ito sinasadya!

Hindi rin po totoong kasama ako sa SWAT team.


NOTICE: You will appreciate this story if you have read the series. You can search google, just type "Dudong ang Asawa ni Inday by Pepot" at google search. (That's if you're interested.)

[About the author. Marcial Tayag Caniones, a Political Science graduate is assistant manager at the Community Extension Services Office of Clark Development Corporation. He was born on the 10th of July in 1965, became vegetarian when he was 24 years old, started serious reading when he was 32, and began writing at 39. He admits to being ugly but claims to ooze with sex appeal.]

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