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marcial tayag caniones
marcial tayag caniones "With all your might, run wild, laugh aloud, and shout with glee, and leave behind all that causes you pain and suffering." Buboyan 1:1

"Have you ever seen a child slaughter for food? Children collect berries and climb trees to pick fruits for food; do the same. A child will not harm lesser creatures merely to survive." Buboyan 1:2

"Never use both hands when eating; clean both, but use the other to hand over food to those who have none." Buboyan 1:3

"I cannot understand your hymns of devotion and songs of piety; it is the deafening cries of the hungry and oppressed that I hear clearly." Buboyan 1:4

"I started the ember that created you all; your differences are my sum that you cannot divide." Buboyan 1:5

"Listen to the cheerful chirps of sparrows, see them effortlessly glide; all these they do in freedom, in my name." Buboyan 1:6

"You need not pray, my child; to the untainted and innocent I easily provide." Buboyan 1:7

"Never be afraid and be ashamed of all your body parts, perfect or deformed they may be, hidden or exposed—your mind is limitless and much superior than your body." Buboyan 1:8

"Learn from children and not from what I say; they are my manifestations in earthly but in purest form." Buboyan 1:9

"The smile of a child is more powerful than all worst manmade and natural destruction combined; to deprive even a single child of life is to encumber the ever enduring creation of the whole universe." Buboyan 1:10


Buboy will never know who his parents were. They died in a landslide two years ago in Isabela, where indiscriminate and illegal logging industry is rampant and protected and financed by local and national authorities. Buboy was the only survivor in their family when their shanty had been enveloped and destroyed by the rampage of mud and huge logs. He is now in the care of a godmother—teacher Tess, who teaches at a local nursery school.

Buboy has become partially deaf and mute—due to brain damage, doctors claim, that might have resulted from a head injury during the landslide.

The godmother claims she hears and sees God through Buboy while he is playing, eating, sleeping or just wandering around. She wrote down the above passages on her lesson plan and showed them to her school supervisor. She was advised to see a psychiatrist and seek professional help. She was to remain suspended from teaching until a psychiatrist could provide her supervisor positive results that her mental state is stable.

Teacher Tess is single and has no more plans of marrying. She contemplates on forming a religious congregation dedicated to orphaned children. She addresses Buboy "Kristo Niño" when they are alone together. In one of her prayers she swore to protect and take care of Buboy with her own life.

[About the author. Marcial Tayag Caniones, a Political Science graduate is assistant manager at the Community Extension Services Office of Clark Development Corporation. He was born on the 10th of July in 1965, became vegetarian when he was 24 years old, started serious reading when he was 32, and began writing at 39. He admits to being ugly but claims to ooze with sex appeal.]

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