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marcial tayag caniones
marcial tayag caniones "I am your mother. From my bosom you were given life, take solace in me. I shall protect you from whoever may want to harm you or take your life." Simangian 1:1

"My love for you all shall be so vast as you cannot fathom. My love is not something to be mystified about but to be seen and felt." Simangian 1:2

"You let hundreds of thousands of your daughters and sons die of basic want, and you still call yourselves humans? The mammals, reptilians and lesser creatures are better off than you then." Simangian 1:3

"You all came from my celestial womb. Breathe in unison the cosmic throb and you will never be lost in your life's journey." Simangian 1:4

"Why take up the sword when you cannot even stand on your own two feet? You only take courage amid your fully-fed armies even as you hide in the comfort of your thickly, towering walled billet." Simangian 1:5

"I shall send waves to wake you up, send trembles for you to arise, send fires for you to move. You should not spend life lying calm." Simangian 1:6

"You constantly evolve as what comes to pass with everything that I have created: from molecules into atoms into cells into tissues and into your present form. Be aware of this truth, for you cannot stop this phenomenon until we shall be one again." Simangian 1:7

"Why fall on your knees and ask me of your needs? Have you forgotten that I am perfect? I know what is right for you, and what is not." Simangian 1:8


Simang is now being treated at the National Mental Hospital. She is the eldest sister of Tikboy, who saw and heard what he claimed to be heavenly visions and voices after he was hit by a car.

Simang sees God as a "womyn" (spelling genderly corrected), who she claims frequently talks to her in her sleep. She was a high school dropout in her province, Leyte. She went to Manila to work as a house maid. She was raped and abused by her boss who owns a big garments factory in Sampaloc.

She left her boss's home a few weeks after the unfortunate incident and, for three years, roamed the streets of Manila, daily picking up leftover food thrown out from fast food kiosks to give and to feed street children addicted to sniffing rugby glue.

She also taught street children at an abandoned building how to write and read using old newspapers. The police picked her up, together with other street children, and turned her over to the DSWD. She was sent to the mental hospital when she was only 16.

She made an altar in her room by hanging against one wall a thin white cloth where she wrote, in her native Visayan-Waray tongue, the above quotes.

An image of a smiling woman cut from an old MOD magazine and glued on a cross serves as center piece of the altar that is adorned with flowers she gathers every morning at the hospital compound.

[About the author. Marcial Tayag Caniones, a Political Science graduate is assistant manager at the Community Extension Services Office of Clark Development Corporation. He was born on the 10th of July in 1965, became vegetarian when he was 24 years old, started serious reading when he was 32, and began writing at 39. He admits to being ugly but claims to ooze with sex appeal.]

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Elvi Garcia Bangit (Virginia, USA) writes...

This is the kind of gospel that should be on every coffee table, on every desk, on every night stand....or perhaps on every church pew... They gently remind us to embrace the simplicity of life once again.

-Posted/Via Email: 2010-03-04 10:55:40 PST

Papa Osmubal (Macau/Philippines) writes...

Boks, you are a modern-day Kahlil Gibran. The prophet of the bums, paupers, gamblers, the hoi polloi. Seriously, bro, in the future we can compile this into a book. Keep them coming. Don't stop. If you need to drink gallons of beer to keep them coming, do so, bro.

Frankly this is a literary treasure in the making. A prose version of Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology with philosophic twist a la Gibran.

I love what you are doing, bro. I am loving it (and I am saying this not in a McDo way). This will be a book one day.

I am your first disciple. I will cross oceans and climb mountains to let people know of your gospel.

-Posted/Via Email: 2010-03-04 00:47:28 PST

Aida Tanglao (US) writes....

Mal Kung Marcial, Mali ya i Oscar, akung mumuna mung diling talatuki. :-) Biru mu. Abe, galing mung talaga!

Map la ding kasulatan di Tikboy at Simang neng makatuklu lang makatapak gabun, deng anggang e ra asasalat ding makigintung sapin, ila balu ra.

More seriously, let's publish them and spread them in the communities for free.

The good ads. will be doing the funding.

Lwid kayu Elvi, Oscar, Ces, at den anggang magmasabal king ketawan.

-Posted/Via Email: 2010-03-05 03:39:36 PST

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