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marcial tayag caniones
marcial tayag caniones "Why then have you erected temples and churches in my name---are not the lakes and mountains enough to manifest my grandeur? For the sweat of every man, woman and child who have labored and lived in shanties, in bushes and in caves before... in their humble abodes I dwell." Tikboyan 1:2

"Why call me by so many names and praise me before different images? Have you forgotten that I have created you in my own image? For I have no face but only substance." Tikboyan 3:4

"I gave you the sun, with its powerful rays piercing all the layers of the atmosphere for every living being to live, but you have created your own pseudo-sun that you now use to burn nations and people." Tikboyan 5:6

"Yes, I have embraced, kissed and cared for the despised, even as you walked away from them with arrogance, prejudice and pride; I shall do the same for you, but you are all in my endlessly loving heart." Tikboyan 7:8

"Power has ruined your sense of humility. As long as you selfishly cling to greed and worldly things, you shall tire and wither." Tikboyan 9:10

"Look around you and what do you see? If none, then you are blind. Close your eyes and feel what is around you? If none, then you have no soul." Tikboyan 11:10

"Why do you seek your salvation in the afterlife? Have you ever sought salvation after birth?" Tikboyan 12:13

"For I have created two paradises where you shall dwell---the Earth and Heaven. Do not fear in both, for they are your stations from birth to death." Tikboyan 14:15

"You have always sought what I have not created and then you have manipulated my creation to suit your momentary convenience. In the end, your creations shall be your own key to destruction." Tikboyan 15:16


Tikboy is a cigarette vendor who was hit by a speeding car and left splattered on the asphalt pavement along the northbound National Highway. Fortunately, he survived to tell what he claimed were heavenly visions as he was being attended to at a public hospital.

To the nurse he spoke the words (in Hebrew, it turned out) quoted above. A policeman who managed to record what Tikboy said thought that he was trying to describe the type of car that hit him. The policeman had his mumblings recorded and asked a colleague, who is an Ilokano, to translate. But the other cop said that Tikboy was not speaking in Ilokano. The policeman then pulled in his other, Visayan, partner to listen and translate. But, again, Tikboy was not talking in Visayan.

A priest (who had just finished officiating the blessing of the hospital and was passing by the policemen scrambling to understand what Tikboy could have been saying that might help them get a lead to find the car) overheard Tikboy's words. The priest was surprised to recognize that the words being spoken were in Hebrew, which he learned from his Hebrew theology class. He asked for a copy of the tape so he could have it fully translated.

This is for stupid minds not to believe in and for intelligent minds to ponder upon.

[About the author. Marcial Tayag Caniones, a Political Science graduate is assistant manager at the Community Extension Services Office of Clark Development Corporation. He was born on the 10th of July in 1965, became vegetarian when he was 24 years old, started serious reading when he was 32, and began writing at 39. He admits to being ugly but claims to ooze with sex appeal.]

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Papa Osmubal (Macau/Philippines) writes...

I will build a church called "The Church of Tikboy". Marcial Canones's gospel according to Tikboy is the best among the gospels that I have ever read. Peps, boks, continue this gospel. Write more gospels, boks. Maybe a gospel according to a 'pok-pok' (prosti) or a bum (tambay) or a labandera (hired clothes washer)-- say, a Gospel of Berong, a Gospel of Barang... gospels of the common tao, the masses, the people we both know, the people we share our pains and dreams with. This is can be the people's bible in the making. I am excited to read more of your gospels, boks. I am waiting. I am hoping. Make me believe in man, once again.

-Posted/Via Email: 2010-02-24 00:47:33 PST

Cecile S Yumul (Mabalacat, Philippines) writes....

Marcial, this is gospel in fact the KIND OF that should be read especially by those who've forgotten what truly matters in life in their flowing heavy robes and golden staff seating perched on their fool's throne.

There is one author who writes your kind of gospel I also read over and over again: Gospel according to Shug by Alice Walker.

Keep the gospels coming Marcial as Oscar said.

-Posted/Via Email: 2010-02-28 22:17:36 PST

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