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LET'S GET live and local. Share us your story. Tell us what's happening in your little big Kapampangan community. Got a school gig, a food fair, a festival, or some other neighborhood thing cooking? Stumbled upon something crashingly life-changing lately— a review, a recipe, a revolutionary idea, perhaps? Got some really hot discovery you just can't wait to tell your kabalens? Give us your two sentimos. Flag an event. Post a lifehack. Publish your plan for Kapampangan world domination. Or: drop us a proof of life or two: Mabie ku pa. Malayri ku pa. Matilus ya pa. Blogganisa is your friendly neighborhood Kapampangan community blog slash guestbook slash bulletin board slash forum slash shoutbox slash post-it note slash comment form all rolled up into one meaty joint.

Mekeni, abe. Maki-ambula ka.

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