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Sta Rita is popular for the turones de casoy delicacy. It is chiefly a farming town.

Legend & History

First records of Sta Rita were known in 1697. It was stated that Sta Rita was once a part of the Municipality of Porac. It was formerly a wilderness where gigantic trees grew in abundance. It was first formed by the clearings and settlement made at a place called 'Gasac,' now known as San Isidro.
Sta. Rita was separated from Porac and became an independent town in 1770. The town was earlier referred to as Sta Rita 'de Lele' or Sta Rita 'de Baculud' due to its proximity to the ancient town of 'Baculud,' now known as Bacolor. This was due to the nearness of the latter town where Sta.Rita residents bought their daily needs.
Sometime, between 1904 and 1907, there was an attempt to annex Sta. Rita to Bacolor. But because of protests made by concerned leaders and citizens the move did not materialize.

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