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San Luis is located 13.0 kilometers away from the capital City of San Fernando. The predominantly agricultural town has a total land area of 56.83 square kilometers.

Legend & History

Originally named 'Cabagsak' (from 'bagsakan kabag,' plenty of fruit bats), it was renamed 'San Nicolas Cabagsac' in honor of its first parish priest, Fray Nicolas de Orduno, OSA. Much later it was renamed San Luis, after certain Doña Luisa, wife of the town's legal counsel who successfully defended it against a land claim by the neighboring town of Pinpin (Sta. Ana) in 1761. Its seventeen barangays were established in 1735 but were set on fire by Captain Mariano Carlos on orders of General Luna in May, 1899. The town's diligent people rebuilt their town from the ashes.

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