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Minalin is dubbed as the 'Egg Basket of Luzon' because of its large-scale poultry industry, producing millions of chickens and eggs that reach millions of Philippine homes and restaurants.
Minalin is also noted for its Aguman Sanduk: 'Belles of Minalin' New Year's parade of men dressed as beauty queens.

Legend & History

Minalin used to be called 'Minalis.' According to Don Mariano Henson's 'The Province of Pampanga and Its Towns,' the four founders of this town namely, Mendiola, Nucum, Lopez, and Intal negotiated with the Datu of Macabebe to acquire an initial piece of land as far as the boundary now called Lacmit and named the place as Santa Maria in honor of the four founders' respective wives, who were all named Maria. When a church was about to be built in Santa Maria and lumber was already piled up, floodwaters carried the construction materials to another site called 'Burol' (Hilly Place) where the church was finally constructed. Since then the community was called 'Minalis,' meaning 'moved,' to until the 18th century when an error was made by the then Capitan Mayor Diego Tolentino, who inadvertently wrote the name of the town as Minalin instead of the original name 'Minalis.'
Another version of how Minalin got its name is found among documents on file at the Municipal Planning and Development Office of Minalin. This version states that the town originated as a Malayan settlement under the leadership of Kahn Bulaun, a descendant of Prince Balagtas. This settlement was called 'Tigip.' However, when the Spaniards came and looted the town and raped its women, they renamed the settlement as 'Mina Linda de las Mujerez,' after the many pretty women they encountered in the settlement. A Chinese merchant from 'Wawa' (Guagua), who established a general store in this town, mispronounced the name of the town as 'Minah Linah Neh Lah Muchele,' which the townspeople shortened to 'Minalina.'

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