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Masantol used to be called San Miguel and was once a part of Macabebe. It is predominantly a fishing town.

Legend & History

The town got its name from the fruit tree, either because there was a proliferation of santol trees in the area, or because the town was where santol fruits were heavily bartered (Kapampangans being fond of 'sinigang' dish). Masantol, originally a part of the ancient Macabebe town, was founded as a seperate town and renamed San Miguel on May 1, 1878, composed of the former Macabebe barrios of Bebe, Bulakus, Kaingin and Nigi. For a while it came to be known San Miguel Masantol, until popular usage reverted it to the original name.
A cherished legend of how the town got its name goes like this: 'A Spanish missionary came to the town for the first time. Upon reaching a roadside corner store, he parked his horse-driven vehicle and inquired from the store keeper the name of the place. A middle-aged woman vendor, believing that the Spanish priest was asking for the name of the fruits she was selling, readily responded in broken Spanish language, 'Padre, todos dulce Masantol.' The priest took from his pocket a pencil and a small diary and wrote down the word 'mas santol,' referring to the name of the place he has visited. At the time, the locality abounded with santol trees, and santol fruits were in season when the priest visited the place.'

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