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Macabebe is historically known throughout the archipelago for its cloth traders and for the bravery of its soldiers under Rajah Soliman. It has a total land area of 44.05 square kilometers and is 17.0 kilometers away from the capital City of San Fernando.

Legend & History

Macabebe is an ancient town of the province of Pampanga that is intrinsically linked to the water. It is a little known fact that the Macabebes were the first known Kapampangans. During the beginning of the Spanish period in the Philippines, Macabebe was already considered as one of the oldest in the more important communities of Pampanga.
The oldness of the town owes much to its location along the Rio Grande de la Pampanga. This river's water routes and northern tributaries gave birth to all the early major settlements of the province. The English translation of 'macabebe' (bordering river banks) reveals the antiquity of the town once it is realized that the word 'pampanga'means the same.
The fact that the dialect of the Macabebe is more severe and louder is attributed to how the ancestors of the town must have shouted their ideas across the waters. The Pampanga River is a valuable resource to the Macabebes, just as it has always been. Fish are still a major source of livelihood for the people of the town. Several fishponds can be found along the coast of the river.

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