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Floridablanca is the second largest producer of rice in the province. It is also noted for its sugar farms. Pampanga Sugar Mills, Inc. is located here. The town also hosts Basa Air Base of the Philippine Air Force.

Legend & History

Floridablanca is a Spanish word meaning 'maputing sampaga' in the vernacular or 'white flower' in English. The town, however, was not named after a flower, but after Jose Moñino, Count of Floridablanca in Spain, a popular Spanish political figure who is said to have visited the place in early 1800s. Floridablanca was founded between January 5 and 31, 1879 by 39 settlers headed by surveyor Ramon Orozco; earlier the barrios Caumpaui, Santul and Carmen were transferred from the oldest town of Lubao to a site called Manggang Punglud, where a church had been erected.

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