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The town of Apalit is renowned for its weaving and metal industries. It is also the site of the annual colorful traditional fluvial parade (since 1844) in honor of St. Peter, its patron saint. The shrine of the ivory image of St. Peter, called "Apung Iru," is venerated by the townspeople the whole year round. The parochial church, strikingly baroque, is also a source of pride among the local folk.

Legend & History

Apalit was founded in the 1500s. It got its name from a species of tree growing abundantly in the place - pterocarpus indicus - asana in Tagalog and apalit in Kapampangan. Here the Spaniards located the native canon maker, Panday Pira, who established a small blacksmith and foundry shop in Capalangan of this town. This started the flourishing of blacksmiths and small scale metal enterprises in Apalit.

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