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minerva zamora arceo
minerva zamora arceo PAIN. Excruciating pain. She felt rushing blood run up her spine. Like a beast sucking her whole being.

Tears fell in rhythm. Salty waters would not stop. "Why?" A voice in her head. No, not a voice, but a piercing sorrowful scream.

She stands still in silence. Her whole body numb. "You cannot do this!" The pain seems to grow more—suspended in a time warp.

Grief. Hatred. Disbelief. Denial.

Hush, hush. The screaming continues.

Then she saw the door closed. And only darkness she found. Hush, hush. The screams are starting to fade like distant voices.

"So what now?" Just feel the pain. Hang on. It will be over soon, just like the screaming. It is just in the head... just in the head.

[About the author. Minerva "Mini" Zamora Arceo is a 31 year-old mother of three. She earned degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications-Major in Journalism and in Bachelor of Arts in Film and Audio-Visual at UP Baguio and at UP Diliman. She was a full-time journalist from 1998 to 2004, writing for the daily Sun.Star Pampanga. Before her current stint as Executive Director of the Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon (ADCL), a non-stock, non-profit regional organization, she served as Provincial Information Officer (PIO) during the term of Pampanga Governor Mark T. Lapid. At present, she manages to engage in advocacy work to promote culture and the arts, even while writing a column every Monday and Tuesday for the Punto! Gitnang Luzon newspaper and hosting a daily radio program, "Kuwentong Buhay, Kuwentong Bahay" (11AM to 12NN on DWGV-AM, 792 khz).]

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